Sunday, December 9, 2012

We celebrated! We did!


It was a celebration, y'all! A homegoing fit for a life well lived. Yesterday was the homegoing (not to be confused with homecoming) celebration for my beloved sissy, Deanna. And like real, true homegoings, it was a celebration of her life--more light than heavy and with tears like sunshowers instead of a torrential downpour.

Yeah. So it was awesome, y'all. More to come, okay? I promise. Because I do want to gather my wits and tell you about it so that you can feel like you were there, too.

Thanks so much to all who were there in spirit and in person. My heart is still full of joy. Joy and peace because my sister had such an impact on people. Her celebration gave us all the opportunity to introduce others to her, too.

Here's my favorite picture of her. Isn't she so gorgeous here? That hand on her shoulder is actually mine. We were at a sorority function together and it was a good time. I cropped me out of it--and you should thank me because I wasn't nearly as cute as she in this one.

Mom and Dad are doing okay. The love has been felt. God has engulfed them in His love. And you have, too. You have! Even virtually. You know that right? You know that you've been a part of this healing process? You have. 

Okay. Just wanted to check in with y'all and let you know that everything was beautiful. The Delta ceremony was spectacular, too. There were a SEA of Deltas there. Absolutely amazing. And guess what? I wore Deanna's pin right over my heart. I sure did. That made me stronger.

It was a beautiful day.

Happy Sunday.


  1. As it should be. Celebrating the light and the life and the love that persists forever.

  2. There is such a radiance in your sister and in the love that connects you. Thank you for coming here and letting us know how it was.

  3. i was "ok" until I got to the end when you said you wore her pin over your heart. I keep praying for you all continue to have strength and peace. And that was the best spot for the pin to be.

  4. That photo is BEAUTIFUL! She's glowing more than the sparkly necklace.

  5. So glad that it was a celebration ! Just checking in on you.

    Maria, fellow Meharrian

  6. Wish I could have been at the celebration for Deanna's wonderful life. I know she was smiling down at all of you. Glad you are sharing with the virtual friends that could not attend.

  7. So glad to hear about the outpouring of love and support yesterday. You were definitely in my thoughts.

  8. I have heard from others what a beautiful celebration it was. Your family's strength and grace was also noted. I know my sorors showed up and showed out. I truly wish I could have been there. I know Deanna was smiling down on the service in between welcoming our PNP Kennedy into the chapter above.

  9. She is radiant in that photo and must continue to be so in your heart and in your parents and all those who love her. Thanks for sharing a bit of her with us --

  10. Thought about and prayed for you all throughout the day on Saturday. Glad to know that her homegoing celebration was as beautiful as she.

  11. Thank you for sharing this update. The homegoing celebration sounds beautiful! I will continue to keep all of you in prayer.



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