Top 40 Technical Terms on THIS HERE blog

New to this blog? Aaaahhhh. . . .welcome to "the little blog that could." We've been waiting for you!

Alright. . . .this quick-and-dirty, 100% non-alphabetized glossary of frequently used words and phrases might help you understand my crazy Grady Doctor world a little better. Be warned--most of them have virtually zero to do with medicine. . . . .

The Ugly Cry
The Cliff Notes Version of the Grady Doctor Vernacular
  1. F.P. :  Favorite Patient
  2. F.P. All-Star:  One of the all time favorite patients
  3. Y'all:  Youse guys
  4. Awww HEYALL NAWW or AWW HELLS NO : No way
  5. The B.H.E. : Harry Manning aka The Best Husband EVAAAHHH.
  6. Mental iPod: A song playing in your head at the time (mental iPods have unlimited storage, man!)
  7. The Hairy Eyeball:  A look that you give someone when you are mad, annoyed, suspicious, impatient, frustrated, shocked, or any other adverse emotion. Abbreviated as:  0_o
  8. SG Alpha: My first medical student small group, EUSOM class of 2011
  9. SG Beta: My second med student small group, EUSOM class of 2013
  10. SG Gamma: My third med student small group, EUSOM class of 2015
  11. Miss: Doctor (usually a term of endearment)
  12. Nurse: Doctor
  13. Thing One:  My oldest son, Isaiah
  14. Thing Two: My youngest son, Zachary
  15. The Cocopugs: Isaiah and Zachary collectively (taken from SkippyJon Jones)
  16. The Great Poodowski:  Zachary
  17. Grandpa: Isaiah
  18. Papa (pronounced Pa Pa): My dad, my kids' grandpa, head counselor of Camp Papa
  19. Poopdeck: My dad
  20. Tounces: My mom
  21. The Gradys: Grady Hospital (because it used to be segregated into two hospitals in one building.)
  22. Neil W.:  My mentor slash partner in Grady crime; a usual suspect on this blog
  23. The Friend Hoarder: My sister, JoLai
  24. Homegoing: A funeral for an African-American person of Christian faith
  25. Bieber Bombing: Zachary's answer to the "Rick Roll."
  26. Grady elder:  Any Grady patient over the age of seventy or who is so super wise that they might as well be.
  27. Gone home: Someone passed away
  28. 'Preciate you: Thanks
  29. The Ugly Cry: The cry that can't be reeled in (see Halle Berry, above); from Oprah's vernacular
  30. A mi-nute:  A really, really long time (the intonation is important with this one)
  31. Check it: Now pay attention
  32. Dope: really cool
  33. What are you? -- What is your race? (Usually a question asked by people of color to other people of color. Go figure.)
  34. I'm sayin': emphasizes anything
  35. Mama'nem:  your immediate family
  36. Your Peoples:  everybody in your whole family, cousins and playcousins included
  37. Cawse: because
  38. Lawd: Lord
  39. Sho' nuff: For real, legitimately
  40. Bona fide: Always follows sho' nuff to emphasize it.
Now this is not a complete list, but I'd say it's a darn good start. Hope y'all find this helpful.

Oh yeah. . . . and 'preciate you!