Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leave it to Bieber.

Rick Roll? Meet the Biebs Bomb.

Ever heard of someone getting "Rick Rolled?"  Essentially, it's this phenomenon that was going on a few years back where you'd be minding your own business surfing the net or watching a video and BOOM! Suddenly you'd get interrupted by this horrid 1980's video of Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up."  It's best when you are at work or in class and it happens--especially when you can't get the volume down.

Can I admit that I'd never even heard of this until one of the med students "rick rolled" me back in 2007?  I kept trying to open this page and every single time I kept getting that dreadful video! I was like, "What the. .. . ?"

I told my small group and they were like, "Dr. M! You got rick-rolled!?"

Ummm, yeah.

Okay. Why am I talking about this? Here's why. During a tender moment where we had just had lights out and finished bedtime stories, Isaiah decided that he wanted us to sing lullabies together. Our favorite "lullaby" is that beautifully haunting James Taylor song called "You Can Close Your Eyes." We've been singing it together since the boys could first make words, and despite how terrible our voices are, it always is a comfort and heartwarming when we do. . . .

That is, until Zachary started having Justin Bieber on the brain. Who needs to "Rick Roll" when you can "Bieber Bomb?"  Lately, Zachary has taken to "Bieber bombing" several of Isaiah's jokes or sneak attacking just about any song Isaiah sings--which, I have to admit, is one of THE most hysterical things I have ever seen or heard. What's funnier is that Zachary recognizes that it is funniest when the person LEAST expects it--a nod to his impeccable comic timing.

Just imagine it--poor Isaiah telling his joke:

"Knock knock, Mommy!"

"Who's there, buddy?"


"Boo who?"

"Awww, Mommy! Don't cr--"


"Momm-mmmaaaayyy! Make Zachary stop it!"

Yup.  Once again Bieber bombed by the Zack attack. Dude--it's beyond hilarious. And it's terrible because I cannot contain my laughter when he does it. Which makes Isaiah even madder. He screamed tonight, "It's NOT funny, Mom!"

I tried so hard not to laugh. But . . . .it is funny, though. Like, real, real funny.

Having a bad day and need a laugh? Check this out. The original Bieber Bomb, courtesy of its creator, the Zack Attack.

(By the way, you can't see anything because we were in the dark.)

Dude. Is that not HILARIOUS?

(Oh, and if the Bieber Bomb goes viral? You heard it here first. . . .I'm just sayin' . . . .)


  1. This just made my day! Your little Remix King is such a comedian :)

  2. loved it!! super funny.

    What a sweet song" You Can Close Your Eyes" is. I'd never heard it before. Your boys sound sweet :o)

  3. Too too FUNNY and cute! So reminds me of my 4 year old always ribbing his big brother.

  4. Ahhh....That WAS funny! I almost spit out my food because it caught me so off card. LOL!

  5. I laughed so loud I woke up Aidan! Oh my. Kids are something else.

  6. We loved this..quite the little singers you have!

  7. I love the Bieber Bomb. I'm spreading it.


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