Thursday, March 8, 2012


Zachary:  Mom!

Me:  Zachary!

Zachary:  Whoa! You have even MORE glitter-sparklies in your hair! 'Specially in front!

Me:  That's gray hair.

Zachary:  I think it looks like glitter-sparklies.

Me: What do you think?

Zachary:  About what?

Me: About my glitter sparklies. Do you like them?

Zachary: Mom, I like everything about you.

Me:  *swoon*

Verdict:  From now on, it's not gray hair. It's glitter-sparklies.

(P.S.  Am I the only one who isn't sure about "grey" versus "gray?"  Please advise.)

Hope your Thursday sparkles.


  1. Grey is the surname, gray is the color. I like glitter sparklies. I have a head full of them.

  2. We actually just looked this up the other day. Both spellings are acceptable. :-)

  3. I think "grey" is English, like "Earl Grey Tea." But I like how it looks better than "gray," so I use it.

    And I'm totally going with glitter-sparklies for my grey hair!

  4. I have always remembered the two spellings as as grEy for English, grAy for American.

  5. It's like Gray's Anatomy and Grey's Anatomy! Haha!

  6. I say life is too damn short to worry about things like "gray" vesus "grey." I like glitter sparkles better anyway.


    Tell Zachy, that as soon as Auntie JoLai decides that she isn't meant to be a ginger, she will also let the glitter-sparklies take over. But that won't be until he's in high school. LOL!

  8. Lisa -- I like glitter-sparklies, too!

    Lauren -- Thanks, chica!

    NOLA-- I think I secretly like "grey" too.

    Rose -- Brill-iant (pronounce that with a British accent.) Thanks!

    Eliza -- Ha ha!

    Sister Moon -- You're so right!

    Little Sis -- I like you as a ginger!!

  9. That Zachary has spawned a movement!!

  10. Best name for gray hair I've ever heard :) I've actually seen both Gray and Grey as a first name recently, but I think they both do work for the color too.

  11. I always go for grey over gray even though grey is British! It looks prettier! I've always loved grey hair! At this rate I may never see it though. I found my mother's first grey last month. She's almost 58. Ma'am... you're ruining my dreams of being a silver fox! I guess I'm gonna have to live until I'm 110!

  12. I agree with the above that "grey" is the American spelling and "gray" is the British spelling. I like the term glitter-sparklies...I just don't like the ones that I have no matter what they are called. At 32, I have WAY too many glitter-sparklies (I think you are gonna have to abbreviate that somehow!). So I fight them with hair dye!

  13. I love it, mine are officially glitter-sparkles now too, and I have a lot of them.

    It's always felt grey to me, like the tea. Gray seems harsher somehow, grey more refined.

  14. So funny that you posted this! Yesterday a second grade student told me that my hair was extra beautiful because it looked like I had spun gold in it:-) I had to explain that it was silver because of my grey hair!

  15. I always thought grey was English and gray was American.

    I'll bet some crazy American teen fresh off the boat was texting (or however they managed to communicate without texting back then) and spelled it wrong and it stuck. Yeah, I'll go with that story.

    LOVE the glitter sparklies. Now, instead of telling my kids they are giving me grey/gray hairs, I'm telling them that they are making me glitterysparkly. If for nothing else, it'll make ME feel better!

  16. Love glitter-sparklies! Since going gray very early is common in our family, we have named it Arctic Blond. Daring to be different and embracing my free, no maintenance "streaks."

  17. As you said in your post after this one, it's all about how it seems. Zachary knows you are sparkly, so those have got to be glitter sparkles in your hair, not grey or gray either. x0 N2


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