Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Images of This American Life: All is well.

Memorial Day at the lake with family. The grey from both sides of my family is coming in fast and furious. I've decided to embrace it. 

The only thing better than a big cousin is a big cousin who will take you out on the jet ski over and over and over again.

Can't believe my little flower girls are now a high school sophomore and a college freshman. Crazy.

I could watch this interaction all day. My nephew is so patient. 

It seems like just yesterday that my nephew in back was the size of Zachary in the front. The days are long but the years are short. This I know for sure.

Zachary is still the snuggly one. He always finds his mom and gets next to her. I always tell him, "Remember--whenever you want your mom, know that she wants you, too."

Family. We are good.

They kept encroaching upon my seat. 

I was trying to teach them how to blow bubbles. What is it with kids these days not knowing how to blow bubbles in bubble gum?

Tickle torture has become predictable. Little cousin is ready to run.

Stepping out to a Delta debutante ball. Was proud of this consignment deal dress.

The very day after that ball: Spring break day one with the boys. I was on fumes but still in a happy place.

With the son who doesn't care if you don't feel like running.

With my wise old man Isaiah. This was at the March of Dimes walk.

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society visiting professorship at New York Medical College last month.  Pretty cool experience.

This was a big deal to me.

Jamba Juice moment. I love that place.

Jack and Jill of America Atlanta Chapter Mothers' Luncheon. My mom joined me which was super awesome. Especially because this year I was awarded the 2017 Mother of the Year Award. I love making my mom proud. She was beaming.

At commencement with a few of my newest colleagues.

For colored girls who considered being doctors when the rainbow wasn't enuf.

"No, this is not a dream!"

Last day with Small Group Delta. My how the time flies. 

Zachary's book parade. His class did "Harry Potter" as the theme. 

Look on my face when Zack informed me that he was down with Slytherin not Gryffindor because it's less predictable. 

On Mother's Day with the snuggly one.

Isaiah is almost taller than grandma. Yup.

With niece number 1 who is on her way to Georgia Tech next year. 

Uber ride with my BFF Lisa.

When your friends are fabulous it makes you feel the same way.

13 years strong with the BHE and never better. Look at that beard! Swoon.

Rounds last week. The night after that party. Can you say tired?

Finishing my final leg at the Ragnar Relay Tennessee. One of the best experiences of my life.

Look on your face when you and a few friends run a 200 mile relay together and finish.

With my big boy Isaiah. Always so much fun.

The snuggly one strikes again.

Big brother and a grande latte. What could be better?

Easter Sunday. Pretty fancy, right?

My kids in their Easter Sunday best. Bwah.

Co-chaired a charity race. This was me after it was over. We raised over $20,000. 

With my awesome co-chair. I am a goal junkie. Though my job is busy, I love setting non work related goals like this. It feel good.

I hope all is well on your end. I have so much to write about but have had a lot competing. I miss my friends here. Know that I am thinking of you, okay? 

Happy Monday.