Sunday, March 18, 2012

Going Gaga.

I went to this really swanky ball yesterday for my sorority. And let me tell you--it was lovely. The room, the centerpieces, the decorations, the occasion. . .the everything. Plus, all of us Delta girls wore red gowns, so there was like this sea of red ball gowns in the room.

Just gorgeous, I tell you.

But here's something funny--how 'bout there was ALSO some kind of anime (you know--like the Japanese animation?) convention called "MOMO-CON" going on in the very hotel where the ball was being held. Yeah and pretty much in the same atrium.

So in addition to the sea of lovelies in red gowns, there was also this going on:

Like in the same space. No, I'm serious.

Don't understand what I mean? Okay, well it was like this picture. Except instead of being cartoons, there were like real humans. All dressed up like these cartoon characters. Yeah! Walking around. Right next to the red ball gowns and custom-fit tuxedos.


Now some folks weren't too happy about all of that. Which I totally get if you spent several months on the committee planning such a fete. I mean. . .who wants a furry unicorn and a blue-haired girl with Hello Kitty's head standing at the bar next to your swanky guests?

Errr, yeah.

Okay, but here's my confession: I loved it. I thought the dichotomy between the two groups was pretty doggone amusing, quite frankly. And, I was kind of digging the whole Lady Gaga-ness of those anime convention costumes. 

Wait--hold your horses, people. I don't mean "loved it" to the point of putting "ANIME CONVENTION" on my bucket list. Uuuhhh, not so much. But it did make for some awesome people watching.

Yeah, so these folks had gone ALL OUT for anime, like for real. And all their "all out"-ness was right up in our straitlaced personal space. Crazy! So the whole thing? It was just so weirdly cool. Okay, okay. Maybe it was more weird than cool, but so what. It was definitely blog-worthy, that's for sure.

This costume was my favorite. Isn't it like totally Gaga?

Now the best part was  how "normal" the girl was in that costume. Talking to her was like talking to any seventeen or eighteen year old girl. Seriously. She complimented my dress and my hair -- "Like OMG, that dress is so fab." Then I complimented her star-spangled skirt and multi-spiked paws -- "And girlfriend you are killing it with that costume!" 

See? Totally normal, I tell you.

Man. So glad I took that picture. This will amuse me every time I see it, I just know it.

And the point of this post? None whatsoever.

Wait. I take that back. The point is that you just can't ever take yourself too seriously. Ever. And that you have learn how to lighten up and enjoy what's going on sometimes.

Even if what's going on seems kind of furry, fluorescent and weird.

Oh, and I just thought of one more point. Really weird looking things can be totally normal when you explore a bit closer. And those normal looking things? They can turn out to be totally weird once you learn the real deal.

I'm just sayin'.

Yawn. That's all I got, man. Night night.


And of course on my mental iPod. . . a little bit of Gaga for all you little monsters out there.


  1. I think this is your LA background helping you to have fun! I once stumbled on a plushie convention when I attended a healthcare one a few years ago. Look up plushies -- talk about weird!

    You look gorgeous in your red!

  2. Baa haa haa haa haa!


    A. You look gorgeous and once again are richly involved in your community and your passions.


    B. Only someone as dynamic as you would end up hanging out with a Muppet Transformer - er- Anime Convention Attendee.


    Yes - take home lesson is: Inside our elaborate costumes, we are simply ourselves.

  3. Yep. We're all wearing costumes all of the time and red ball gowns can costumes. Well, they would be for me.
    My lord but you are beautiful!
    And if I'd been there (neither group would have had me but IF) I would have dug the animes too. You're right- a whole other layer of experience right there! A two-for-one! Awesome!

  4. you are a vision in red!

    i love both morals of your story.

  5. You look aMAHzing!!!!!! I need a peplum like yesterday!!! Also, yeah that pic of you and Gaga-esque needs to go up in your house! Or at least your office! LOL I love it! I get excited when I see people all dressed up no matter if it's fancy or CON-style! I get so excited, sometimes they think I'm making fun of them. I'm totally not! I love dressing up!

  6. Way to rock the red ball gown. Halle Berry has NUTHIN on you!

  7. Love the red... and happy 20th Delta-versary to you! XOXO

  8. Glad you had a good time with our MomoCon attendees!


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