Sunday, March 27, 2011


 **Caution: Gag-worthy mush ahead. Proceed at your own risk. **
Something I hear several times per week:

"Your schedule is so crazy! How on earth do you manage to juggle kids and work and teaching and patient care and writing and . . . .?"

My not-so-secret weapon?  Harry.

Harry M. = Baritone cheer section + Selfless helpmate + Hands-on father + Absolute team player + Rowdy-boy tamer + Outfit assessor + Butterfly-inducing charmer + Prayer partner + Loyal friend + Late night listener + Flower bringer + Wonderful husband + All-around good dude.

(Feel free to gag right here. . . .)

I'm sorry. I just love my husband. . .is that so wrong? 

(Gag again if necessary. . . . )


For the record? This is how.




  1. Not so wrong. I think it's AWESOME. I love good marriages :o) I've got a good one myself, thank the Lord!

  2. I think you've got yourself a good man right there. :)

  3. It would seem you hang out with lots of nice guys.

  4. it's soooo right!! he deserves some credit- love him with you!xo

  5. You are blessed beyond measure. Those who have been lucky enough to have found a great guy themselves will understand, and those who are still struggling alone or incompatibly with their spouse may be sad and possibly a wee bit envious. I am happy for you and your remarkably full and entertaining life.

  6. That brought a tear to my eye, because I feel the same way about my husband!So pardon me while I plagiarize your thoughts and send them to my husband as the words were my own :)

  7. Terry, you are so right. Here's the thing--when I moved to Atlanta I was single, over thirty, and quite unlucky in love. (Just ask my girlfriends!) I promised myself that if I ever did get the chance to know the love that I'd been praying for, that I would never ever take it for granted, and that I would remember how I felt when I thought I'd never know such a love. I am still in awe that this is me and this is my life ninety nine percent of the time. I admit--I never really thought I'd get to experience this. I'm serious.

    Now I am in that time. I recognize that nothing is promised, but what I hope more than anything is that the person waiting and hoping and feeling discouraged sees this kind of post as a testimony. I never want to be the "smug married" girl -- just one who publicly recognizes that I was not lucky when I met Harry and had my children, I was blessed. To use your words--"blessed beyond measure."

    And the good news is that even when you really, really think there isn't, there's plenty of blessings to go around! Ain't that good news? :)

  8. Based on everything I have read here, your husband seems like an amazing guy. Not the least of his talents and not a small testament to his wisdom and intelligence is that he found you, appreciated you, asked you to be his friend and partner in life. It does appear that both of you are quite blessed.

    Here is a sincere wish and hope that you will continue to love and cherish one another, and will be each other's best friend and wisest counsel for the rest of your lives.

  9. Anush--can I just tell you how much I always appreciate your kind comments?

    Shannon--is this my homegirl Shannon from the wayback, as in from the Douglass Hall days? Just curious. . . .

    Sarah D.--I've read your blog--I know you've got a gem!

    Kris R. -- You know how i already feel about your better half! (Loved the "scruffy beard" imagery on that last post!)

  10. Your family is gorgeous. I have two boys too. Well three *ahem*

  11. So sweet. It's always such a huge encouragement to see happily married couples making it work (especially with kids--it seems like such a huge shift in a marriage!). Everyone looks so happy in these pictures!

  12. New reader here, though I already kind of know you (we were in the same Delta alumnae chapter before I switched to one closer to my house). Anyway, I admired you then and now that I've read your blog I totally admire you more. Just wanted to drop a line of love and support.

    Anyway, I love the posts about your family life and marriage. You guys are such a wonderful couple to read about. Please keep it up. You give us 30+ single gals such hope! :)

    I promise to comment more often.


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