Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Three is a magic number.

So. . . .since I have been on this School House Rock kick with the kids, tonight we realized that we neglected to mention two of the very best ones of all!

Three is a magic number.

Okay. . . . so today I was watching this one (Three is a Magic Number) with Zachary and decided that I was hormonal since something about the lyrics and the Paul-Simon-ey way it was being sang choked me up. (Crazy, I know.)  It made me think of when we first took Isaiah home from the hospital. . . . .

"A man and a lady had a little baby. . .yes, they did. . .
There were three in the family. . .that's a magic number."


Then it made me think of my blog-friend Lisa R. and her wonderful family of three people + three pet-people--if you count her cat Pearl who is now in kitty-heaven. Then I started sniffling some more thinking of Rachael C. who is having baby number three, which is special for more reasons than you could realize. So yeah. . .I got a little wave of emotion thinking about Lisa's three + three and Rachael's baby # 3 and also remembering me crying in the backseat riding home from the hospital with newborn Isaiah. Okay, and I admit--I just might be hormonal or, as Harry says, drama-ful. But either way there's no arguing it--that three? It's totally a magic number.  

And last but not least. . . . .how dare you say even two words about School House Rock without asking this very simple question:

Conjunction junction. . .what's your function?  (Didn't you just love the raspy dude's voice?)

*(Lesley M., thanks for the almost-comment.  I added these two just for you and the "Black Diamond Boys".)


  1. I thought I commented before on the school house rock post but the day must have gotten away from me.... I was going to say... what about my favorite.... CONJUNCTION JUNCTION... whats your function... hooking up phrases and words and claaaaaauuuusseeeeeeeess!

  2. I also cried in the car taking my firstborn home from the hospital. My husband was bewildered and asked what was wrong. I said (imagine a tearful and wobbly voice), "He's going to grow up and leave uuuuuuuussssssss!". That baby is now 25 (26 next month) and still lives at home! In all fairness, he is back home after being injured on the job.


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