Monday, March 14, 2011

Home plate.

home plate

Yesterday on rounds at Grady:

Grady elder:  "I need you to herry up and discharge me."

Me:  "Well, I just need to make sure you won't need oxygen first. I hope that's okay."

Grady elder:  "How long tha's gon' take?"

Me:  "Not too long. Why the big hurry, sir?"

Grady elder:  "Cawse my wife made some ribs and I don't want 'em to be all gone by the time I get home, tha's why.

Me:  "Must be some good ribs."

Grady elder:  "Sho' is."

Me:  "I bet your wife saved you a plate.  I bet."

Grady elder:  "Yeah, she probably did."


Me:  "How long have you been married, sir?"

Grady elder:  "Whooooo. . . shoooooot. . . .well my son is fifty-nine. . . so. . .at least that long."

Me:  "Wow."

Grady elder: "Yep. We been together a long time!"

Me:  "What's the key to being married for that long?"

Grady elder:  (laughs) "Jest get out each other face when you get mad and put up with each other's junk."

Me:  (chuckling) "That's it?"

Grady elder:  "Well, 'course you gots to love each other. 'Cawse ain't no way you could do it if'n it ain't no love. But me--when I gets mad, I jest go fishing."

Me:  "Fishing?"

Grady elder: "Yes ma'am! All day long. Then I comes back with some fish for my wife and she gut 'em and clean 'em and cook 'em."

Me:  "And that makes her happy?"  (Because I'm pretty sure it wouldn't make me happy.)

Grady elder:  "Shooot, yeah. By the time we eatin' that fried fish we done forgot what we was mad about." Threw his head back and laughed.

Me:  (chuckling) "I love it!"

Grady elder:  "You married?"

Me:  "Yes, sir."

Grady elder:  "How long you been married?"

Me:  "Almost seven years, sir."

Grady elder:  "Seven years? Awwww, shoot! You jest gettin' started. You ain't even made it to first base yet!"

Me:  "No?"

Grady elder:  "Naaawww."

Me:  "Not even first base?  Where am I then?"

Grady elder:  "You jest steppin' off the home plate."

Me:  "Dang!  When do you get to first base?"

Grady elder:  "Not 'til ten . . twelve years."

Me:  "And where are you?"

Grady elder: "Shooot, I done made it round three, four times.  And now we gettin' ready to slide into home plate."

home plate

Getting home to get his home plate while sliding into home plate.  Does it get any better than that?


I. Love. This. Place.


  1. I like this! Sounds like an amusing and informative discussion. Thank the LORD for good marriages. I love seeing and hearing about them!

  2. This was awesome! I have been married 10.5 years and it is crazy to think that we are "just" rounding home plate. I love your blogs.


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