Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Field trip.

Look who took a field trip down to The Gradys today?

Tounces, the driving Mom!! 

How cute is it to give a lecture and have YO' MAMA come to watch you? AND she was cheesing all big and proud the whole time--just like this. OMG. How cute is she?

No. Seriously. How cute is she?

Don't even try to tell me that you've seen anything more adorable than this today. Because I will tell you that you are lying.

Mmm hmmm.

And look how festive she looks! All holiday cheery and all.

Love it. Love her.

You know what? I just realized something. No matter how grown you get, having your parent at your holiday program just never gets old. It does not.

Zachary last week at his Holiday Program.

And okay. Maybe this wasn't my holiday program but still. I got to give a lecture at my job today with mother watching. And I could tell that it was making her acutely proud.


Happy Wednesday.


  1. and she made you proud, too. i know she did.

  2. I agree, a cuter mamma I have never seen! And acutely proud as well. I once went to a lecture my son gave in Chinese and I was just as proud even though I didn't know a thing he was saying! I know you understand. Oh. and That is one cute candy cane.

  3. In the words of a classic hip hop line....clearly..." she get it from her mama ".

    Happy Wednesday!

    Maria, fellow Meharrian ( in Costa Rica! Si ! )

  4. She is beautiful AND cute. So's the candy cane guy!

  5. I like when I see others appreciating and loving on their mommies. Yes, she is beautiful. I totally agree. Mine is with the Lord and I miss her much. Enjoy yours!!

  6. Your mother and your son are so cute! And so are you!

  7. Your mother is just flat-out beautiful.

  8. I love this!! There has been nothing I have done in my entire life where at least one parent has not been present. From everything I was involved with growing up to my Senior Thesis in college to any performance put on by the group of kids I sponsor where I teach... My parents have always been there, smiling proud, just like your beautiful mom!!


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