Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More of The Best of What's Around.


I have a friend who is having a very hard week. Today is the anniversary of something very hurtful for her and I am really, really thinking about her. Funny that I posted about that Dave Mathews Band song last night. I woke up this morning on this day--the day that really, truly changed her life forever--hearing that same song on my mental iPod:

"The Best of What's Around."

So. Even though it isn't "Music Lyrics Monday," I am sharing these lyrics today. I am playing this song and thinking of my friend.

And you know what? I'm thinking of a few others, too. Like you. Because many of you have listened to me and laughed with me and made things feel alright on icky days, too. Even though you have your own crosses to bear and your own icky-day things to contend with. Still you've come to me and said, "Hey, my friend."

So thanks for that.

You know? I kind of think I'm playing it for me, too. Because sometimes all you can do is just make the best of what's around. And even during the hardest of times,  there's still a lot of good around, you know?


The Best of What's Around

Hey my friend
It seems your eyes are troubled
Care to share your times with me?

Would you say you're feeling low and so 
a good idea would be to get it off your mind?

See, you and me

Have a better time than most can dream
Have it better than the best
And so can pull on through
Whatever tears at us
Whatever holds us down
And if nothing can be done
We'll make the best of what's around

Turns out not where but who you're with
That really matters
And hurts not much when you're around

If you hold on tight

To what you think is your thing
You may find you're missing all the rest
Well she ran up into the light surprised
Her arms are open
Her mind's eye is

Seeing things from a

Better side than most can dream
On a clearer road I feel
Oh you could say she's safe
Whatever tears at her
Whatever holds her down
And if nothing can be done
She'll make the best of what's around

Turns out not where but what you think

That really matters
We'll make the best of what's around

~ Dave Matthews Band


Last night at the concert we bonded over lyrics like these. We each shook our respective tookus and yes, we made the best of what's around. Which is each other and life and love.


Will and JoLai love, love, love the Dave Matthews Band. Yesterday was JoLai's thirtieth DMB show. And Will? I have no idea how many he's seen. All I know is that they love that band and I love them so I was glad to be there. Fran and our friend Steve came, too. So all of it was very, very good.

Will got a stretch SUV limo for us. Partly because it would add to the swankiness of the affair. But mostly because he thought Deanna would like it. See, he had originally bought those tickets for all four of us to go together. Deanna had expressed something at some point about having a driver for such nights so Will had already arranged that. And interestingly, JoLai had already had her ticket to be here in Atlanta because of this concert -- long before November 15 changed the reason.

But. We still we went to the concert and still had a blast. And, just like Dave Matthews likes to croon it while strumming his guitar, we'll make the best of what's around. Which is each each other and life and love.

Admittedly, I'm not much of a live show kind of gal as much as they are. But it's all good. We were together and laughing and dancing. It does not get any better than that. It does not.

My friend knows both how I feel and how my mother feels. She lost a sibling when she was a young adult and later, her adult child. Today was the day he left her. 

Today, I am thinking, "Hey, my friend." Not much more than that because there aren't any words really. But there is always each other and life and love. There is that.

So, my friend, we'll make the best of what's around.

Or at least we'll try.

Welcome to 12/12/12, people.

And in case you aren't familiar with DMB, please--take a listen here. This song is a perfect DMB introduction if you ask me.


  1. You have a rocking family -- I'm happy that you all did this together.

  2. It was my 38th show... and one of the best since I was with the best group EVER.

    "Turns out not where but who you're with that really matters...that really matters. And hurts not much when you're around."

    Love you, KDM!

  3. You are amazing. Just what the doctor order for today. Thank You. :-)

    Ellen (Skegee MechEng 93)

  4. My brother and I planned that when he returned from the war and I graduated from high school that we would move to Key Largo and open a burger joint on the beach. My brother died on February 23, 1971 in a jungle that I don't know the name of. I have never been to Key Largo. Though I did cry the ugly cry at the Wall in DC. Oh hell! I wept enough to disturb the Vet's who were gaurding it. The strength of your family amazes me. It is strength that can only come from love.


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