Monday, December 17, 2012

Real quick.

First. A quick picture of Zachary who lost one of his front teeth while I've been here in California. Is it normal that this made me cry? Look at mommy's moo-moo-ski looking like a big boy!

Le sigh.

Second. Elizabeth, even though we didn't meet while I was home, I was thinking of you a lot since you're here in Los Angeles. Next time,  I really want to plan to meet for real because you're awesome.

For reals.

Third and last. And the reason for this post:

Just a quick update to those who've email subscribed via the non-working Feedburner. I have done my very, non-technical best to import all of your email addresses into a different subscriber service. I'm using MailChimp -- I have no idea how it will go so don't get too excited. (I am kind of proud of myself, though.) Please holla back and let a sista know if you get here via the subscription I sent. It looks like you'll have to click the link to actually link to the posts, but still, for those who prefer an email, this will hopefully work.


Fingers, like, super-crossed. And don't forget to hit me back and let me know if this works.

Woot! Woot! (Oh, that's just me celebrating in advance and thinking positive. Because that's what I do.)



  1. I cried when mine started to lose their teeth. Not that I didn't want them to grow up, but I liked who they were at the time. And that was a reminder that they were changing. I sent special coins to be given to my grandsons. The lady at the bank gave me the strangest look when I ased for 78 Sacagewea coins.

  2. Yayy worked. I am an offical subscriber!!!!!

  3. got the email from your new service! So excited to once again get the feeds

  4. Oh, thank you! I just know we'll meet one of these days! I thought about you, too, sent well wishes and healing thoughts ya'lls way.

  5. So cute!!! My youngest hasn't lost the top teeth, yet. But I'm sure it will tug at the heartstrings when he does.


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