Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday cheer-up.

Someone left these poinsettias on my front steps without a card. They are beautiful and they made me smile.

Thanks, whoever you are.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Made me smile too! So it's spreading!!

  2. Dr Manning -

    Just found your blog, don't know how I've missed it!. Had a nice time wandering around, enjoying the posts, music and pics.

    Wanted to give my condolences on your sister's passing.

    I, too, lost my sister. A year and a half ago - I cannot believe the time is passing without her in my life. I miss her every single day. Like your sister, our Fran was larger than life, loved by her nieces and nephews, and her two sons, crocheted for us all and was everyone's biggest cheerleader. While she left us early, her love continues to reverberate through our family.

    I can see that your sister continues to live on through your memories of her. Love seeing all your family pics of her.

    Anyway, thanks for a great blog, will be back again!

    Peggy Polaneczky, MD


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