Thursday, December 6, 2012

Deanna topics: The Imperial.

Good ol' Google images: The Imperial, caught on film!

Dude. I, like, totally do not make this stuff up. I typed "The Imperial Theater in Inglewood, California" into Google images and voila!


Picture this building in 1977 with big words across the marquis for the triple feature:

('cause they was out of 'u's and this was pre-spell check)


Yeah. So picture us looking like the Cosby kids riding our bikes to this place. Oh, but without the bars across the doors and the dilapidated facade. (But do picture the graffiti because I'm pretty sure that was there in 1977.)

Yes. That is a real picture of The Imperial (on Crenshaw and Imperial) in Inglewood. No. It is not still standing. I think it got burnt down during the L.A. riots. I think? See. Deanna would so know the answer to this. Grrrrr.

Anywho. I just found this picture and had to make you laugh before I hit the sack.

Good night, you high-falootin' jive turkeys. I got to go to bed so I can get my mo-naaay.

Hee hee.

Happy almost Thursday. Here's a little Cooley High for all of these people I put on black card probation. (I was gonna embed a trailer from The Mack or Dolemite but this is a family blog and they all had waaaay too much going on. Google "Dolemite movie" or "The Mack movie" if and only if you wish to be traumatized by f-bombs and pimp-rhymes.)


I'm saying, Mom and Dad. Really? Did you have any idea that we were watching these movies? Did you?

Wow. Kids are so resilient. . . . ha ha ha. . . .


  1. Those movies were part of your education. Not the prettiest part, but still- obviously an important one. (I'm sticking up for your parents here.)

    1. Yeah. I think the Dolemite accusation might have been an exaggeration. That one was pretty bad. Ha ha ha.

  2. When I was 12 I lied about my age and got a job at Cherokee Plaza Theater because I wanted to watch free movies. My parents thought I was at a friend's house. You might want to ease up on your parents. Their generation wasn't expected to bubble wrap their kids.

    1. Ha haha. Don't worry it's all in fun. My parents are amazing.

  3. The Imperial? I was thinking the Baldwin. :)

    I love reading your stories about your sister and life in general. Makes me feel that the world is much smaller than we realize.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Cooley High (great soundtrack, and Laurence Hilton-Jacobs!) and I'm white. Thanks for the memories. You (and Deanna) totally rock.

    1. Cooley High was THE JOINT! We watched that no less than seven hundred and fifty trillion times. Ha ha ha.

  5. Children ARE resilient and so are we. You are living,breathing proof of that, my dear. Keeping a close eye on your boys at school and waving furiously at the BHE in carpool, hoping all of you know you are in my heart every day...
    Love, Katie

  6. You parents knew who their children were, and so they didn't have to worry. I imagine everything you shared with your sister is even more precious now. we are privileged to share in that. hugs.

  7. It wasn't burned down in the riots. It stayed looking like it looks in that picture from the time they closed it over 20 years ago. They didn't tear it down until maybe 6 or 7 years ago when they got ready to build the stuff that is there now. Remember how you could walk into Village Drugs & go out the back door through the alley to get home? LOL.

    Biz (from Poopdeck's acct. I don't want to him out... LOL)

  8. I'm going to continue to expose my daughter to really bad and profane movies, in hopes that she grows up to be a great writer and doctor, just like you. Obviously, that's the formula, right?!


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