Thursday, August 15, 2013

Things I like.

I like the sunrise
'cause it brings a new day
I like the new day, yeah
It brings new hope
they say

~ from "I like the sunrise"


Here is something that I think:

When you dwell on negative things, you drown in them. Conversely, when you focus on the good things around you, they seem to take center stage. This morning I am sitting at my kitchen table reflecting on some of the things that I like.

Simple as that.

I like early mornings. My house is quiet then. Runners are out and dog-walking folks, too. I sit at my kitchen table and watch them, usually lost in my own thoughts. It's one of my favorite times to write. To pray. And to just be.

I like tomatoes in the summer. Particularly those big beefsteak ones. And especially if they're room temperature. A little pepper and kosher salt makes it one of my favorite meals.

I like it when my mother-in-law visits us. She's such an easy guest to have. Her way is easygoing and her heart is good. She cooks things and, despite me asking her not to, she cleans things, too. I've never had an unpleasant interaction with her. She's not "extra" or needy as a guest, either. Almost always when she comes, I wish she'd stay for good.

I like the way I feel after a run. I feel strong. Like I could do anything.

I like reading some of my old blog posts. Like, a lot of times they represent a period in my life and going to those posts reminds me of that time. I blogged a lot when Deanna passed. I'm happy that I did. I like knowing that my thoughts were chronicled there. The comments also exemplify the kindness of human beings. On days that I worry about the world, I can find solace in some of those old posts. I do.

I like our nurses at Grady. They are hardworking and smart. They make me laugh. I like that every time I see them, they seem happy to see me. That's good because I'm happy to see them, too. Our nurses are actually one of my absolute favorite parts of my job.

I like Maybelline GreatLash mascara. In the old school pink and green tube. It's cheap. It's everywhere. And it makes you look good.

I really, really like my husband. He's such a cool guy. You know? I always say to him that if he were not my husband, I'd very much want to be his friend. His confidence and self image blow my mind. He's such a go getter and is so decisive. Tough yet tender. Selfless and serious yet ridiculously silly. I like him so much. And as time goes on, I am realizing what a blessing this is. Not to just love but LIKE your spouse. I am learning that a lot of folks have people in key areas of their lives that they don't like. I have mostly arranged it so that I don't.

I like talking to my kids. And I especially like how emotive and open Isaiah is when talking to me. Yesterday we were reading at bedtime and in this novel someone said that their parents had gotten a divorce. He started to ask me a few questions about what divorce meant. I explained what it was and he just stared at me without blinking. After that, he asked me if divorce was "bad." I told him that sometimes people decide that they want to not be in a couple and that a lot of really, really nice people come to that decision for a lot of reasons. And that "bad" isn't a good word to describe it. So he said, "I bet it isn't any fun if you are married but you don't feel happy together like holding hands and stuff." And I told him that I agreed with that and that he is wise. "But if they are a mommy and a daddy they just work as a team but sometimes in a different house, you know?" That's what I said. Then he just kind of gazed off somewhere distant. And his face started looking sad. "Do kids feel sad if their parents get a divorce?"  I answered him best I could. "Probably sometimes. But if the parents just keep on talking and hearing how they feel and treating each other nice, it probably gets better. I think."  "I think I'd be sad if you and dad got a divorce." To which I replied: "You know what, Isaiah? I think I would, too."

I like popsicles. Nearly all kinds. They make me happy.

I like my red, patent leather pumps. They automatically make me feel fierce.

I like Community Coffee (the brand from Louisiana.) It's inexpensive yet delicious.

I like coffee period. Except for Starbucks regular coffee. But I will drink it in a pinch.

I like writing. It feels good and right.

I like this picture because I think I look like JoLai in it. And I like JoLai so seeing her face in my own makes me happy.

I like my parents and my family. They're awesome.

You know?

I like my life. It's good.

Happy Thursday morning.

I like this song, too.


  1. I like hearing about your life. I like the joy you share.

  2. And isn't it a blessing to be able to find so many things about your life that you like?? :) Happy Thursday!

  3. I like you ad how your posts make me look at life in a different way. I like that you talk about divorce in a healthy way that supports families like mine.

  4. From the deck of the Poop,

    I like reading your blog!!!



"Tell me something good. . . tell me that you like it, yeah." ~ Chaka Khan

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