Saturday, August 10, 2013

An accordion of love.

Isaiah from the back seat one day:

"You know what I was thinking, Mom? I was just thinking that most kids get to see their aunties and uncles only on holidays and on their birthdays. Or if it's like a big family thing or something. But I think I'm lucky because I got to see my Auntie every single day. Like, a lot. So I was just thinking, Mom. . . . that if I put all the times that I got to be with my Auntie. . .like mashed them all together and then stretched it all the way out. . . . like. . . . they would last all the way up until I was a man. Or maybe even longer. Does that even make sense to you, Mom? Mom? Mom?"

Yes, son. It makes beautiful, perfect and comforting sense. I love this idea and your way of looking at it. Even if the lump in my throat won't let me find the words to tell you right now.

Tomorrow would have been her 45th birthday. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, okay? And especially Tounces and Poopdeck. Especially them.

'Preciate you. And 'preciate this little guy, too.

My sunshine boy. Auntie's, too.


Happy Saturday.

Now playing on my mental iPod. . . . as I do my best to trust the process. Now more than ever.


  1. You are doing something really wonderful with those boys. My love to your family, especially tomorrow.

  2. Happy birthday to Deanna. I am praying for you and your family. What a celebration she will have in heaven.

  3. Thoughts and prayers will be coming. Especially tomorrow.

  4. Thoughts and prayers for all the Draper clan and happy birthday Deanna!

  5. How incredibly insightful and filled with love that boy is. Sending comfort and love your way and your whole family's as you celebrate your dear sister's life.

  6. Oh my....I didn't realize Deanna was that young!...always in my thoughts...especially for your mom and dad in the next few days..

  7. Praying for your family today. Stay strong and remember the good times.

  8. Tears--the good kind. And prayers--the good kind too. xo

  9. From the deck of the Poop,

    Jolai had a wonderful celebration at her house last night. Will was there and shared that he had a great great time. I know that we were all there in spirit, including my big girl. I am out in my man cave watching a little TV and working on some things. The about comments brought a few tears to my eyes, but I am OK.

  10. Your kids rock! That is a beautiful way of looking at things. Praying for your family, especially your parents.

    This might seem odd and I know your time is short, but I've been reading a blog recently that I think you might like. She's so raw and real and she's got breast cancer and the most incredible, pragmatic way of dealing with it. Anyway, you can read it or not but I thought I would share.


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