Monday, August 5, 2013

Encouragement from your doctor.

Literally what I said to a patient in clinic this morning who'd lost twenty pounds in the last four months through diet and exercise. She was walking up the hallway toward me and was so proud that she started exaggeratedly swishing her (now smaller) hips in her cute little jean outfit.  And you better believe I called that out to her with those same Ru Paul hand gestures. Ha ha ha. Sure did.

She loved it, too.

Did I mention? She'd also quit smoking six months ago.

Honey, you BET-TER WORK!!



  1. Nothing makes it more worth it than when you can go into your doctor and they go "Oh WOW!" instead of "OMG! What happened?"

  2. wow...I think 20 pounds in four months is perfect and amazing!!...the right way to do it! I'm hoping for 10 pounds by Oct...3 down...yay!


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