Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All in the family.

Isaiah:  Mom, remember when you said you can see some of Grandpa's face in mine?

Me:  Yep. Actually, I can see a lot of his face in yours.

Isaiah:  Oh. Well I hope that doesn't mean I'm going to lose my hair like him.

Me:  Awww dang, Isaiah. That's cold, dog.


Happy Wednesday. Sorry, Poopdeck. (And even sorrier that this is your maternal grandfather, Isaiah.)


  1. Wow! They do look a lot alike! Genes are so amazing, no? My son Henry looks so much like my father that it takes my breath away --

  2. He does look like your father, and you have your father's eyes. But I was interested in the apology to Isaiah. Is there something significant about maternal grandfathers?

    1. There used to be thinking that baldness was inherited from the maternal grandfather. In real life it's actually not true. Case in point--my brother lost all his hair and my maternal grandpa had the tightest hairline ever, albeit white hair! I was just poking a bit of fun! ;)

  3. From the deck of the Poop

    I just love my and the Zayman's photo. We are / were pretty cute even if I have to say so myself!
    Regarding the hair loss, just tell him to ask his uncle Will how he just got a kick out of making fun of my disappearing hair. He will remember me saying "laugh now my son because you have a big surprise awaiting you down the road!!!! LOL



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