Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You are here.

Picture from a very busy but very happy day at work yesterday. New interns. Fresh faces. Nervous dispositions. And a world of wonder guaranteed to exceed any expectations they think they have right now. Or any that we think we have right now of who they will become.

Welcome to Atlanta, doctors. We've been waiting for you. You are here.

Best. Job. Ever.

Happy Wednesday.

This plays on my mental iPod every single time we get new students or interns. Ha ha ha. I'm pretty sure the elder with the thug life tattoo across her belly was in front of me at the Grady curb market last week. Welcome to Atlanta, shawtie!


  1. I love the way you love your life!

  2. That is a wonderful photo! Good luck to your new guys and gals!

  3. I think that greeting was supposed to read "Welcome to the "A", shawtie", ROTFL!!!! :)

  4. Serious Question: If someone earned a PhD before starting med school would they wear the long white coat in the hospital(as they already wear it as a researcher) and would they be referred to as Doctor in front of patients? I'm just wondering since getting a PhD isn't exactly "a crystal stair" and I put in hard work but I also don't want to offend or step on toes.

    1. Serious answer: As unfair as it sounds, if you attend medical school while already holding a PhD, the answer to that question is no. In the hospital, "doctor" generally is the prefix for those with medical degrees. Lots of our students earn their PhDs first. I think we don't value the PhD less, it's just confusing for patients. So until there is a medical degree, in the clinical setting, the coats are short and the term doctor is withheld.

      Sorry for the delayed response!


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