Friday, June 6, 2014

Alls well that ends well.

This is a feel good story here:

A mother takes her child across town to camp. After taking her other child across town to where he needed to be first. And also while trying to get her own ass to work where she has to take care of sick human beings.

Wait. This isn't me, so like, sick. . . . um. . . marine life. Yeah. That's it. Marine life. Ah hem.

Okay. So said mom pulls up at across town camp and camp kid says, "Hey mom! I don't see my lunch box with my snack and lunch! Is it up there?" At which point said mom looks around her passenger seat knowing FULL WELL that it is likely sitting back across town where she sat it on the table. Just before saying, "ZACHARY! MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR LUNCH BOX AND YOUR WATER BOTTLE!"

Whoops. I mean. . .errr. . .SMACHARY. I mean, since this is like, not even about me. Not even.

But Smachary totally didn't have his belongings and said mom was already late for work. After she mouthed the F-BOMB three times in rapid succession, she tried to call husband, also known as Smachary's dad. Well. Smachary's dad had worked late so he was knocked out and not answering his crappy cell phone. Smachary starts crying and stuff and lamenting about how he is LITERALLY going to STARVE TO DEATH and become DEHYDRATED. Which is actually what he said and only partially untrue if you know how hard these kids play in this camp.

So said mom frets. And frets some more. She calls in the heavy artillery. Grandma. And Grandma being Grandma, that is, mad helpful and such, agrees to come even further from across town and across counties even to bring Smachary a lunch. But as for a snack, he'd be in a bad way.

Mmm hmmm.

Then said mom starts feeling all bad about Grandma driving over the river and through the woods. She then remembers that one of the members of Team S.J.G.R. lives right, right, right by the camp. And since the team is more than just work out motivators, they are a true team, said mom said, "What is there to lose?" and sent a text to Jill Joyner. Whoops. I mean, SMILL SMOYNER. Yeah.

So SMILL SMOYNER, who is cooler than the other side of the pillow with the AC up on high, says, "Of course I'll bring Smachary some vittles." And that is what she did.

Let me just say this:  Said mom met SMILL SMOYNER originally as a reader of her blog. (Yes, said mom blogs, too.) And from there--like two years after they'd only known each other through the comments section--they became real life friends. In fact, they even have kids at the same school. But that doesn't mean Smill had to have said mom's back or anything. But she did. And how cool is it that said mom has increased her village in this awesome, awesome way? Through a blog of all things?

So shout out to SMILL SMOYNER who saved SMACHARY SMANNING from DYING OF STARVATION AND DEHYDRATION at his camp. And also shout out to every person who has ever had somebody's back and who gives of themselves without making it seem like you owe something.


(That was my feel good smile.)

'Preciate you, Smill Smoyner.

Smimberly Smanning aka Said Mom

Happy Friday.


  1. Yay for villages and friends who have your back. I suspect that you are that kind of friend also. Jill, you are so cool!

  2. That is awesome! And also something I expect will happen multiple times this summer. I need to remember to rely on my village as well. :)

  3. Man... Smachary looks really familiar. Can't put my finger on it. ....


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