Saturday, June 7, 2014

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: The Red-eye.

Dear Grandma,

We flew to California last night and this time Mom and Dad flew with  us. It was way past our bedtime when we left--like super late. Even past the time that the Cartoon Network channel switches over to Adult Swim with all those "mature" cartoons. Mom said it's called "the red-eye" airplane. That's because everybody is sleepy since it's late at night.

Grandma? There was this one man on the plane who had really, really red eyes even though he didn't seem sleepy. I know he wasn't because every time the airplane-helper-people walked past him he asked them to give him something to drink. But not like a Sprite or Fanta. I heard Dad whispering to Mom across the aisle. He told her, "That dude is lit." Zachary was asleep but I wasn't so I asked Mom what "lit" meant. She said to ask you.


Isaiah, age 9 and 1 month

P.S. Does it mean that he was, like, letting his light shine like they say at children's church? Or something else?


  1. I hope that you all are enjoying your trip and that you have a lovely visit.

  2. Something else, sweetheart. Totally something else. :)

  3. lol...papa time to explain things for a bit!

  4. LOL too funny. I hope you all enjoy your visit. It's so cool that the boys get this time with their papa every year!

  5. Yeah...he was letting his light shine all right. Love the innocence of children! :)

  6. Oop! You raggedy, putting that off on your mama to explain. Lol.

  7. Letting his light shine...I'm laughing so hard at that. That is too funny. Yes I needed this smile and laugh today.

  8. I secretly hope that I catch sight of your darling boys. It'd be like a celebrity sighting!


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