Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: We've got it made.

Dear Mom, 

When you wake up at Grandpa's house, he wants you to make up your bed before you do anything else. Even before you go to use the potty or even brush your teeth! Grandpa also has a lot of rules about how he wants the bed to look. And we know that's true because he didn't like the way we did it. 

Mom? Don't tell Grandpa this but me and Isaiah figured out that if we ask Grandpa to SHOW us how to do it, next thing you know it's done. So every day we ask him to teach us. Then all that's left for us is to put the pillows back on top.

When Grandpa was showing us how to fix the bed, he said that the problem with how people make the beds these days is that they do a half-ass job. I asked him what half-ass meant and he said to ask you. But don't worry 'cause my brother said he knew what it meant.


Zachary, Age 7 3/4

P.S. You and Dad said you were going to write us pen-pal letters but so far it seems like you're doing a half-ass job.


  1. Half assed bed making... Dang! It got made.

  2. I love a stickler for a well-made bed. My own grandmother could bounce a quarter off of hers --

  3. Does he make hospital corners? Your sons will make their wives very happy!

  4. Lol.... this made me laugh out loud.


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