Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: Fixing up. . . well?

Dear Mom,

Grandpa always likes to show us off and take us to places where people say, "Oh, are theeeeese your graaaaandsons? They are soooo handsome!" And it's mostly okay except for when somebody tries to kiss us with a really slobbery kiss on the cheek. Or when they ask us if we have a girlfriend. Which, right now, we do NOT!

This time Grandpa got super-duper proud 'cause he took us to the Omega Psi Phi banquet and he brought Dad along, too. And since Dad is also in the Omegas, he had to get introduced to all those people, too. But don't worry, Mom--nobody tried to give him a really slobbery kiss or ask him about a girlfriend. Oh, but I did hear this one lady call him handsome but 'cept she was kind of older like Grandpa, okay?

Oh, and in case you're wondering why our dress-up shirts aren't tucked in, Grandpa said that's how you wear your shirt when your mom didn't pack you a belt and when your granddad didn't know that until it was too late. He said to show you this picture so you can know what it looks like when ol' Grandpa is over the dress-up clothes.

Even with our shirts out, though, that still didn't stop people from trying to give us slobbery kisses or ask us if we had a girlfriend. I was kind of hoping it would, though. But it didn't.


Isaiah age 9 and 1/4 (and Zachary age 7 and 3/4)

P.S. The next day we hung out all day just the guys. I like these outfits better than the dress-up ones. But don't tell Grandpa, okay? 

P.P.S. I really don't like slobbery kisses. But I might get a girlfriend one day if I meet somebody nice.


"Tell me something good. . . tell me that you like it, yeah." ~ Chaka Khan

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