Tuesday, January 29, 2013


"Baby, I can fly like a bird
when you touch me with your eyes
Flying through the skies
I've never felt the same
but I am not a bird
and I am not a plane

I'm Superman
When you love me it's easy."

~ Barbra Streisand


This morning:

Harry:  "TWOOOOO MI-NUUUUTTES! Let's go guys! Hustle up!"

Scrambling to the garage to head to the car.

Isaiah: "Ready to rock and roll, Dad!"

Begins to run down the stairs quickly as Zachary dawdles near the door.

Zachary:  "Mama?"

Me:  "Yes, Toogie?"

Zachary:  "Hug please."

Me:  "Coming right up!"


Next I launched into my daily out-the-door affirmations. . . 

Me:  "Have a wonderful day, son. Work hard and make good choices, okay? Put on your listening ears and speak up like a young man, alright?"

Zachary: "Yes, Mama."

Me: "And remember: You're the head and not the -- what?"

Zachary:  "Tail."

Me: "You're a leader and not a -- what?"

Zachary:  "Follower."

Me: "Good." Helping him into his coat and getting his backpack on. "And know that I'm always super proud of you and I love you very, very, very much!"

Zachary:  "I know, Mama." 

Zachary starts down the garage stairs behind Isaiah and then stops midway.

Zachary: "Mama? Thank you for making me feel like I'm confident."

Me: *swoon* 

Zachary:  "And you know what, Mama? Confident is when you try to do something and feel like you know you can do it."

Me:  "Is that how you feel?"

Zachary:  *nods head*

Before I could respond, he scuffled down the steps with his giant backpack bouncing behind him and dove head first into Harry's truck. I stood there watching as the car pulled away. . . feeling glad that my son felt confident and that, without knowing, his words had given me confidence, too.

And off the Manning boys went toward school . . . while the Manning girl went back inside to get some tissues for her leaky eyes.



Now playing on my mental iPod. . . . praying my babies always, always feel this way.


  1. So sweet -- and I'll pat you on the back, too! What's so funny is that I have my own superhero post today, too!

    1. I loved that post. And your superheroes are divine!

  2. Love it. Sometimes we mommas get it right! What a cutie.

    1. I know, right? He really caught me off guard with that one.

  3. You're doing right, baby. You surely are.

  4. Amen Ms. Moon. I look back on those years and am grateful that the confidence they learned then inspired my "boys" to live in China and Senegal now. It is the greatest gift you can give them along with humility. Good Job Mama!

    1. I love it, Mary Alice. I love hearing of your experience and your "boys" too. Thank you.

  5. That boy! So wise, so young. You and Harry are doing such a great job with them. x0 N2

  6. Oh, how my heart swoons over that boy!

    1. I always swoon over the things Avery would say. In fact, the letter she wrote to the child overseas about broke me into a trillion little pieces. You know. Yes, you do.

  7. And he said thank you. He sees in the moment what you're doing. Wow.

    1. I really needed to hear it that day, too. It's like somehow he knew I did.

  8. lovely!
    is it your true story?
    how cute your son is! also wise as well

    1. Yes, yes, yes. This is exactly what my sweet boy said to me. The photographs are from our holiday snaps taken by annually by a dear friend. He was holding his football medal that he'd run inside to get. He insisted upon having it in the pictures and I'm so glad we let him have his way.

  9. Awesome- and props for knowing and quoting Barbara!

  10. :-) I love those moments!!!! I have a six year old and when they "Get it" it IS enough to make you tearful.


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