Friday, January 25, 2013

Little moments of my week.

Good morning, y'all.

Here's a few images from my week at and around Grady. It's been a good one and I hope yours has been, too.

Usually I'm particular about who I let look at my retina, but since Jen Z. is such a wonderful intern (and since my pupils were already dilated) I thought I'd make an exception. Oh, and before you start thinking I'm the world's most dedicated clinician educator to let an intern dilate my pupils for practice, please note that I'd just had my annual eye exam which explains my Betty Boop-sized peepers. 

That just reminded me. I am pretty dang dedicated. Remember when I let the medical student do an arterial stick on me for practice? Worst. Idea. Ever. Talk about an EPIC failure of the most monumental proportion. 


On Tuesday I had a lovely dinner with Small Group Beta. Well, five of the eight. But either way, it was wonderful and they were wonderful and I loved that piece of my week. Marla W., in the middle, just found out that she matched in Urology! We are super proud of her for being gainfully employed and all collectively agreed that we hope we never have a reason to use her services. Especially those boys.

Umm, yeah.

I stole away for a peaceful moment in the Grady chapel this week.  Isn't it beautiful?

It really is as serene as it appears. It welcomes people of all faiths and is essentially open for quiet meditation and prayer to whomever wants to stop in. 

I did yesterday.

Here is Jen K. (a lot of Jens this month, I know) talking to one of our patients this week. I loved the way she respectfully pulled up that chair and patiently explained what was actually a rather complicated plan. The patient really appreciated that.

I did, too.

 Go medical students.

I spent nearly an hour with this patient yesterday. We talked and laughed and shared our life stories. Mine was a little less interesting. Either way, it was one of the best parts of my day. The patient told me that this would be a day he'd never forget.

Now, I won't forget it either.

And here is me, leaving work last night. I was giving my Grady BFF, Lesley M., a hitch to her car and she stopped to snap this with her phone. We were both just standing there on the roof marveling at the sight of the hospital from the vantage point of that upper platform. 

It was beautiful. 

And here's Zachary at the pediatrician's office getting his height assessed with baited breath. He really, really wants to be tall. Like, really. And technically, this wasn't taken this week, but it was close so I thought it'd make the cut. Plus, the look on his face makes me laugh all the way out loud. That boy is comedy central. For real, he is.


It's been a good week. It really has. 

Oh, and I almost forgot. One of my most favorite moments of all this week was when Poopdeck told me that he is now practicing yoga. I started calling him "Poopdeck, the yogi" and we just laughed and laughed. And it's good to hear your daddy laughing like that. It really is. 

He promises to have someone take a picture of him in a downward dog pose for the blog and for all of your viewing pleasure. And please know that there is nothing more blogworthy than my dad doing yoga.
Nothing. Ha ha ha.

Much love to you all today. Including Poopdeck, the Yogi.

Happy Friday.


  1. My dad is nearly 77 years old and does yoga at one of the other hospitals in Atlanta. It amuses my sisters and me to no end --

  2. And you do remember your intention to come to Yoga at Central Night Shelter with your group???? Just sayin...
    Love, Coach B

  3. From the deck of the poop,
    If ole PoopDeck ever got in the position that old boy is in, it would take the Texas chainsaw guy to get me out. It would be a hot mess. But make no mistake about it, I am going to live up to my new handle, PoopDeck the yogi !!! Smile


  4. Awesome much made me smile, reflect on my week and appreciate all the good moments. For that I thank you! Have a great weekend. ~Millicent


"Tell me something good. . . tell me that you like it, yeah." ~ Chaka Khan

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