Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hit me with your best shot.

Wow. It's been three years that I've been writing this blog and frankly? I can't believe that I've stayed with it for this long. I know that I have because of all of you. You've been a community of thinkers and feelers and learners right along with me and that's made me want to write and share here.

So thanks for that. For real.

A while ago someone asked me to write a post called "ask the gradydoctor." Not in the ask me my medical opinion on things sense (which I don't do here) but instead an opportunity for members of this community to ask. . . .hmmm. . . . any burning (read: random) questions that they may have. When I first heard that request, I said, "Meh." (Insert shoulder shrug here.)

Then. Another person asked me this recently and then surprisingly, another. So with that in mind and the fact that I'm at the three year mark, here we go.

Why the three year mark? Well. Didn't you know that three is a magic number? At least according to School House Rock (which we rock out to in the Volvo five out of seven days per week) it is.

Is it normal that it's 2012 and  the kids and I can sing every single word to this and every other School House Rock jam? Sure can. Oh! And is it normal that I tear up on the part of "Three is a Magic Number" that says "a man and a woman had a little baby. . .there were three in the family. . .that's a magic number" since it makes me think of the day we brought Isaiah home from the hospital?


Le sigh.

It also taught my boys to count by threes. Anty-who. Yeah, I digress. But if you read here often you know that I do digress a lot.

So where was I? Oh yeah. The "ask the gradydoctor" thing.

Okay. First, let me say this. Having a post called "ask the gradydoctor" sounds rather obnoxious, so instead I'm just going to call it "Hit me with your best shot, volume 1." If I'm lucky, there will be more volumes.

Here's how it will work:

In the comment section of this post, simply ask your question. I won't publish the questions, instead I will just include some of them in a post with the answers. Feel free to be anonymous, even if you normally have a log in--or not.

What else?

Oh. What to ask? I don't know. Random stuff is awesome to me, medical student situations/advice, mental iPod music, what I think about Jennifer Anniston's recent engagement, whether or not jeggings are for everyone, why I want a minivan. . . .whatever. As long as it's appropriate (and I am hoping most of us know how to define that.) Since the queries won't be published, you don't have to be inhibited by that part,  either.


This could be a total bust and if it is, I will fully blame the three people who encouraged me to do this.  Ha ha. If it  goes better than expected, then I can spread the answers into separate posts.

Alrighty. Hit me with your best shots. Fire away.

Maaaan, I need to go round. Deuces.
Now playing on my mental iPod. . . . Ms. Pat Benatar. (You're welcome.)


  1. Hi! I have three questions for you :)

    #1: What do you think is the best way to get along with doctors and nurses who have been doing their jobs forever, who have forgotten more than you've ever known, and who are more than twice your age (like seriously, three or four times my age).... when you don't agree with what they're saying, or worse, when you need to question what they're doing? I'm a 28 year old girl who gets carded for buying lottery tickets (age limit: 19), and whether I'm being there for my kid, or as a patient myself, this situation is pretty common.

    #2: In the same vein, what would you think would be the best way to deal with the same health care professionals when they get frustrated and start calling your parenting into question? Or start acting really paternalistic because I look the same age as their daughters (or worse, am)?

    I want to be a great parent and an awesome advocate and a good patient that people want to see, but honestly... when things get into crisis, I don't know how to be all of that without becoming a total sledgehammer.

    And third question is: Can you please please please do more posts on culture in the South? I'm Canadian (from the Maritimes), and I find them so fascinating, especially anything about food and manners.

    Thank you so much for reading this post, and also thank you so much for writing and being awesome.

  2. I am a pre-med student with a burning passion for medicine. That being said, I have a few questions about the whole med school process...

    Does college reputation really matter when applying to med school or are they primarily concerned with actual grades. (I ask because I hear differing opinions and I am not at any super prestigious school or anything, as I am at a local state college).

    Also, I am a little bit older the average med school applicant. My grades are good, but I know they are not competitive as compared to some others who will be applying. Are grades the main thing schools look at? Besides all of my volunteer work etc, is there anything else you could think of or recommend that would really show adcoms that I would be a good fit for their school and would make a good doctor? Exactly how personal should a personal statement be? I ask that because I feel like some of my honest, true feelings sound cliche and I worry about that. I also don't want it to sound too sad. I just know that I want to go into medicine for the right reasons and so I can work at place just like Grady.

    Sorry so many questions! Any info or helpful tips are appreciated:)

  3. I am so grateful to be part of the community here.
    So glad to have met you.

  4. Hey everyone! Thanks SOOOO much for all of the awesome questions! I am working on my answers and will be posting volume 1 tonight! You guys were so awesome that I have enough for more than one volume!! :)

  5. I'm a new follower but absolutely love your stories. Can't wait to read more!

  6. You know what cracks me up? Our lives could not look more different. I'm a stay at home Mom of 4 kids, the oldest 3 mostly grown. I live in a small town. I grew up in a teeny tiny town in cornfield county, USA. I have the weakest stomach on the planet. I totally wanted to be a nurse too, but that so wasn't in the plan for me. I get nauseous just seeing someone in pain. Add tears and forgettaboutit. Blood, vomit, and pulling teeth is squarely in my husband's department.

    What we have in common: I have an amazing husband. Truly, I am blessed. I do not do feet. Gross. I have a deep love of the automatic door and yes, I rock a mini van. Oh and I have super short hair.

    Your heart and your love of Grady and the people of Grady shine through every post you write. I think I've been reading for a year or so. It was shortly before you issued the no negative self talk challenge. Anyway, you inspire me and every time I leave your blog I feel better. I so hope that when people walk away from me I leave them feeling the same way. Thank you for doing life well.

    1. Dearest Julie, This has absolutely made my week--no, my month. I love how you point out our differences yet also our similarities. We are always more alike than different. Hearts of all shades can align and as for your hope--I am walking away from your comment feeling better. Does that count?

      xo, KM

  7. Awwww, thank you!!! Tears.

    xo, backatcha, Julie


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