Monday, August 6, 2012

Testing 1-2-3.

Okay. So I'm trying out this iPad app that Nate G. (my technology guru-friend) recommended to me today after hearing about my pathetic rant over that lost post. So far, so good.

And yes. I do have a technology guru. Well. . . I prefer the title "guru-friend" since the idea of being referred to as a "guru" gives me the creeps. Not to mention the fact that I know Nate will read this and find that mortifying. Me adding his photo from our last coffee catch-up chat would mortify him even more.

But hell, it's a great picture, especially to be from a hand-me-down iPhone 4 (sans the S or Siri). And the point is for me to see how the photo mechanism thingie works for me. So there. Yeah, so Nate G. was easily embedded into this post with no problem. 


Hey. The font thingie is user-friendly, too! Nate was "really excited about this one" and now I see why. See? Aren't I lucky to have a brilliant medical doctor-slash-MBA-slash-tech-savvy-guru-friend in my corner? Yup. When he isn't living his life as a hardworking recent Emory Med School graduate, he moonlights (for no pay) as my go-to guy for all things tech-gadgety-social network-y. Thank goodness he isn't in it for the money.

Hey! He even sent me screen captures of the Twitter feed during our BlogHer '12 panel since he knows how stone age I am with social networking. (The "girl crush" tweet was my favorite! Shout out to the bold and beautiful Erin KV (aka Queen of Spain!) 

Look at me all hyperlink-ing from my iPad! Mmmmm hmmmm.

Hey. Be sure to follow (or whatever y'all do) every last one of these women of excellent taste on Twitter. Nope. Don't know them except for Erin who I just met as a co-panelist but still! If you do the Twitter thing do me a solid and show them some love since they showed me some, okay? Hashtag: #preciateyall.

Oh. The blue toenail adorned barefoot in Jamaica photo has nothing to do with any of this. It just makes me happy and reminds me yet again that iPhones can take some pretty dandy shots.

Verdict: Love this app so far. It's called "Posts for iPad" in case you're curious. Very witty title, I know.

Happy Sunday.

Shut. Up. This happy little app can even embed what's playing on my mental iPod! The BHE and I were TOTALLY rocking out to this old b-side Prince song this weekend. Prince has put the kibosh on any and every video with his actual recordings but this cover I found does the guitar riffs justice. The vocals weren't so bad either. (Picture Harry and I playing our meanest air guitars and mean-mugging each other for full effect. It was so romantic, y'all.)

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  1. Mostly I just like that pretty foot and the pretty water. I'm simple like that.


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