Friday, August 3, 2012

Stormy Weather.

I am at the mercy of my iPad and iPhone due to a nasty Georgia storm taking out my modem last night. I called 1-800-RIP-OFF (my cable carrier) who waaaaay too nonchalantly informed me that they couldn't see about my dire situation until WEDNESDAY of next week. As in FIVE DAYS FROM NOW.


Can we all agree that this is a medical emergency? I was underwhelmed by the lack of empathy shown to me by the BHE. Utterly and completely.

Words spoken in my home tonight:

"It's only until Wednesday, babe. Relax."

"Listen--the Internet is to ME what cable television is to YOU. Just imagine being without Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, Gold Rush, Diners-Dives-and-Driveins, and American Pickers for FIVE WHOLE DAYS."


(That was the sound of Harry passing out at the very thought of that.)

See? Told you this was a medical emergency.

Hospital Day #2 s/p Modem Meltdown.

Subjective: All trouble shooting ended in failure. Still with 3G on phone and iPad. Rapid response team notified, family aware of situation.

Objective: On a splitter. Or something. We think. Nothing lighting up in back. That we know for sure. Cranial nerves 2 - 12 not intact. Reflexes absent. Spiderwebs present in basement.

Assessment: Acute Decompensated Cable Modem, likely secondary to crazy down south summer storm versus needing a new cable carrier versus both. Cannot exclude house being built in 1920's as a complicating factor.

Plan: Anticipate modem catheterization and interrogation  on Wednesday, + or - emergent revision. Consider psychiatry consult, alert ICU of possibility of potential need for further support and intubation.

Consider transfer of modem from dusty unfinished garage/basement.

Code status: Full Code. Discuss end of life care. Family wants all heroic interventions.

Happy (?) Friday.


  1. k- i miss you. i feel this- the no internet thing- no power thing. we got struck by lighting the other day and it blew the internet box thing across zoe's room and burn her bookcase.
    anyway- i'm praying we can get home for christmas- that we can get sweet rosie a birth certificate, then a passport, then a visa- oh it won't be easy!
    so pray.
    then - we can sit for several hours and then some- and we can be back in each others life for reals- and hang.

  2. Dr. Manning! Posting a comment not at all related to the above (although I totally feel your pain). So I've got a 6 month old and like all obsessive parents I read my nightly webmd baby articles. I pretty much never watch the videos but I'm intrigued by this one telling I dont have to start with baby cereal?! Hell yeah, let me play this and show it to my husband who is a skeptic. I hit play... And it's the oh-so-melodious voice of Kim Manning! Who lest I forget, amongst her many other talents, is also a pediatrician!! Hope you're doing great and thanks for helping bring the spouse around. -- deepti

  3. Just maybe you should pack up the boys and your laptop and visit your Mommy. Guaranteed to make everyone feel better!

  4. Your modem is in our thoughts and prayers Dr M ;). I'm glad to see you're still blogging - now if my daily quota of Grady doc posts are tapered - ackk!
    Have a great weekend, this too shall pass!

    -- Tara

  5. LOL!! too good Dr. M!


  6. Just maybe you should pack up the boys and your laptop and visit your Mommy. Guaranteed to make everyone feel better!


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