Saturday, August 4, 2012



Just sat and wrote for approximately two hours. And you know? This post was a post I was very proud of because the writing felt good and organic and right. I love when I go to that place while writing and tonight I did. I did, man!

Oh, and since I have no working modem, I did the entire thing on my iPad using the Blogger app. So you know where this is going, right?


On what was LITERALLY like my last two sentences, the app simply shut off. Boom. Kaput. Dunzo.

My entire post was lost. LOST.

Insert F-BOMB here.

Yep, it was lost. Really lost, too, since there is absolutely no way for me to remember exactly what I wrote or said verbatim. How sucky is that?


And what really extra heavy duty sucks was that I had just broken through a pretty crappy writer's block that I'd been dealing with for the last couple of day. Finally I had gotten back in the zone. Yes!


So. Sad. So. . . mad. So, so can't wait until Wednesday when I get my modem replaced. Please feel free to share your stories of losing your cherished work in the technological abyss to make me feel better.

Insert multiple F-BOMBS here.

Happy Saturday. Hospital Day #3 s/p acute decompensated modem failure.

Sigh. . . . .sniffle. . .hiccup. . . good night.

Insert muffled f-bombs into pillow here.



  1. That just happened to me the other day. A 3 page paper I had written for school was lost. It took more than a couple of hours to write it too. I feel your pain. :/ I just had to remind myself that there are much worse things in the world even though it didn't feel like it then. lol

  2. The computer and its cousins are here to keep us humble.
    I have certainly had to learn to let things go when they disappeared forever.
    I'm sorry you lost two hours of good writing and I know it was good.
    Because you wrote it.

    1. Sister Moon--something about this comment made me feel better. Thanks. :)

  3. I specifically purchased the original iPad for blogging. And it was completely impossible. Then my kids broke the iPad. So when I read that now there's an app for blogger... f-bomb...then it's an app that crashes...mixed f-bomb, feeling of relief that it wasnt MY experience, and mucho sympathy for you. so frustrating

    1. Michelle! What is it about kids and iPads? Mine can't keep their mitts off of mine! The good news is that my tech savvy pals have schooled me on the apps that are better blogging platforms so YAY!

  4. oh this sucks big time.

    i once lost a letter full of f bombs which were really you-hurt-me bombs that i was writing to someone who i felt betrayed by and when the letter disappeared i took it as divine guidance and did not try to recreate it.

    but your post, that's different. you might try to recreate it tomorrow. what was the post about?

    1. Hey Sister Lister! Sorry I missed you in your city!!! Thanks for the sympathy--it is welcomed! The post was a story.....hard to explain but will try at it again once I stop fuming!

  5. Maybe you should get a PC.

    Too soon? :)

    1. Hey Mo! My laptop is fine, thank you--it's my modem that got fried so not even a pc would work here without a hotspot. My iPad has 3G so was using that for the Internet.

      Oh--and for the record--a PC is never, ever the answer. Those things are buggy defined!!!

      xo, A self-described Apple snob

  6. Aww, Dr. Kimberly, how irritating! My laptop died at the beginning of my last semester of nursing school, taking with it a good 8 pages of my senior honors thesis. Of course I had no back up. It stinks when something you've put a lot of effort into just vanishes! Thinking good thoughts toward the health of your Internet connection... :)


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