Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The rhythm of life.

"Oh no! What happened to your leg?"

"I slipped in some high heels and twisted my ankle!"


*pausing to look at her pedicure*

"Whoa. Now that's an awesome nail polish job. Daaaaaang."

"Mmm hmm. And don't you know I had just got my feet done before this happened?"

*Hard head shake and eyes getting narrow for emphasis*

"They was wrapping my foot with the cast in the ER and I was like: 


Loved. It.

This I understood considering the fact that there's nothing worse than a premature pedicure smudge. (Especially if you just got them gunmetal shellacked.)

So I gave her the world's most exaggerated neck roll and lip curl--and even gave her a finger snap to let her know that I was with her.

And she got what I was saying so in response she reached over that table and gave me a  big, hard extra-high high five. Then we threw our heads back and laughed so hard that my side and my head both started hurting.

All of it was awesome.

It's funny. This happened yesterday, too. And even though I cried on the way home from work yesterday, I thought of this on that same commute . . . . .and laughed, too.

Joy and pain. Sunshine and rain.

Such is the rhythm of life.

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  1. Wow, those toenails look like gemstones! And I love how you pick up on just what your patients need to hear, whether it be light-hearted or serious; you always seem to know how to let them know you are on their side. That is compassion at its finest.

    Rhythm of Life ~ great song, especially with those color-changing undulating waves!

  2. If I had a foot fetish, I'd be all over those little piggies!

  3. Good morning Dr. Manning, this comment has nothing to do at all with this post. I just wanted to say I appreciate you. I was informed by one of my attendings (...notice I didn't say asked!) that I would be interviewed by a local news station about my thoughts/perceptions about the Affordable Health Care Act as a resident physician....and guess what? I thought about you. I'm a 2nd year IM resident (at a hospital similar to Grady) who you would consider a quiet soft spoken hard worker...one who likes to work behind the scenes (I've been referred to as a quiet assassin). I wasn't sure why my attending chose ME of all people. He thought that as a future primary care provider working with underserved/uninsured patients who would like to do community based projects, I would provide a unique perspective. But I still wasn't sure why he thought I would be one of the best folks to be interviewed. I guess I started comparing myself to others who seem like they would do a better job or something. "AAAAH! People are going to see me. I would rather run and hide!", I thought to myself. But then I heard your "I am enough" mantra and looked at as many of your videos as possible so I can have the proper "this is how and what you do/say when being interviewed" etiquette. LOL! So I appreciate you. It's fantastic to see someone who looks like me and cares as much as I do about patients and patient care. I appreciate your reflections. I appreciate your blog. I appreciate your stories and experiences. I appreciate your lessons because I learn from and think about them too. You are indeed a blessing. Have a fantastic day!

    Anonymous fellow Meharrian:)

  4. I just wanted to let you know that this post was my inspiration to buy a bottle of Essie's "Nothing Else Metals" nail polish, and all day long I've been gazing down at my gorgeous silvery-lilac fingernails and every time I look, I feel a burst of happiness.

    Before this I had no idea that nails could look that shiny!
    Thanks! :)


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