Sunday, August 26, 2012

More "Free to Be You and Me".

After the last post, we spent a lazy morning watching videos from "Free to Be You and Me" and reading through the book. For that book and soundtrack to be from 1974, it's amazing how ahead of their time they were. Here are some of our favorites for those who aren't familiar.

Isaiah said, "THAT'S Michael Jackson? Whoa."

Used to love this one. . .now my kids do, too.

And Princess Atalanta was pretty bad ass. Love the definition of "living happily ever after."

And this one? This was pretty doggone awesome for the 70's, man. Can you say BULLY? Ha ha ha. I wonder where that William is now.

And hands down my absolute favorite of all. Love that this big ol' lineman Rosie Grier is making it okay to show some emotion. I sing this to the kids all the time--much to the BHE's chagrin.


Happy Sunday. Again.


  1. My favorite was the two babies in the hospital (Boy Meets Girl? World?).

  2. One of my favorite things ever. Happy Sunday!

    Maria, fellow Meharrian

  3. So sweet. When my now eighth grader (!) was in fifth grade, his class put on a play using all that music, and it was just wonderful.

  4. This is SO funny Kim because my mom and I were watching this a few weeks ago and about 10 minutes in I looked at her and was like.... "WHAT IS THIS I can't believe you let us watch this!! You were such a HIPPIE!!" hahahahaha She got all nostalgic and her now conservative mind was battling her liberal former ways... I still know all the songs. I am pretty sure William is somewhere on Broadway ;P


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