Monday, September 12, 2011

Of mouses and men.

While drinking coffee in the kitchen over all of the work I'd been procrastinating on:

Zachary:  Hey Mommy!

Me: Hey Zacharoony! (back to typing on my computer after smiling at him)

Zachary:  Did you know? I'm so smart, Mom. I really, really am.

Me:  (hands off computer, looking at him) Yes, I did know. You are smart, son.

Zachary:  And you know what?

Me: (still trying to type a little bit) What's that?

Zachary:  I even know what a mice is, Mommy.

Me:  A who?

Zachary:  (dancing like he has to pee) A mice, Mommy. A mice.

Me:  (fully typing because now I have no idea where this is going or how long it will go) Um, okay.

Zachary:  (really doing the pee-pee dance now) Do you know what it is?

Me: Know what what is? (one eye on him, one eye on laptop -- it's a skill,  I tell ya.)

Zachary: Mommy! A mice!

Me:  I'm not sure I know what A mice is. (stop typing and look at this scary pee dance and get serious) Hey. If you need to go potty go potty, son.

Zachary:  (ignores me, now squeezing his crotch and bouncing like Tigger) Mommy! A MICE!  A MICE is when it's a whole, whole bunch of MOUSES! (hands splayed like, "duuuhhh!")

*crickets* (fully have stopped typing)

Zachary: (beaming) Told you I was smart! Oooooohh. Okay, I gotta go peee-peeeeee.

(runs off to go pee, likely will miss the commode and make whole bathroom smell like gas station)

Me:  (yelling out toward the bathroom) Yaaaaassss! You sure are, son!

Wait--am I a horrible mom for telling y'all instead of correcting him? 

Happy Monday.


  1. i love how much you enjoy your babies, and Lord, they are sweet, and so very smart. As for correcting him, I'd say he has the concept down cold!

  2. Hehehe! The potty dance! Oh those days are long gone with my son but we do have it on film...hehehe!

    I keep so kind of cleaning wipes in each bathroom, so handy for the hit and miss of visiting nephews now.

  3. Pee-peeing and plurals- we all struggle with those sometimes.


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