Sunday, September 18, 2011

And Justice for all.

Oh, just wanted to follow up. Here's a picture of Isaiah this morning with the replacement Jake Justice. Getting the replacement Jake wasn't so easy either. Oh, did I tell you? Turns out the dude has been discontinued. Discontinued!  Well hallelujah for used and collectors items on Amazon. Lawdy Miss Claudie! First the Green Lantern situation and now Jake Justice gets axed from the Rescue Heroes?!  Seriously? Seriously.


Don't worry. I didn't tell Isaiah about the diss-continuation. Besides, I'm told that there's been some sort of crazy ethnic remix on Spiderman and trust me--that'll be confusing enough.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Thanks for the follow up. This made my day! Give the boy a hug from me!

  2. I think I mentioned this before when you posted it earlier, but we have piles of those guys up in our attic -- both my boys were nuts for them. I'm sure there's a Jake Justice as well -- so if you ever need a replacement, let me know.

  3. I thought of you the other day when I was at a Target (Prado Sandy Springs) and saw a Jake Justice!

    AA in ATL

  4. justice has been served. in one sense anyway. your little one's face is priceless!


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