Friday, September 2, 2011

Top Ten: Random things I didn't know and still don't know.

a pastrami sammich

 Warning:  I'm off of work today and full of randoms. This top ten is not too fancy.  Sorry, y'all.

Top Ten Random Things That I Didn't (and Some That I Still Don't) Know


Hey, did you know that when somebody sends you an EVITE and you open it, they can tell you opened it?

Ha. Well I didn't. At least, not until last year when I sent my first EVITE ever and realized that folks opened the electronic message but didn't RSVP.  I wanted to be annoyed but seeing as I am the queen of opening the EVITE but not RSVP-ing immediately I couldn't. My friend Stacy H. finds this hilarious because even though I always come to all of her parties, I stink at the RSVP process on EVITE. Oh, but I'm good about paper invitation mail-back replies. Weird, I know.

So the moral of that is don't open up the EVITE if you don't want anyone knowing you saw it. It's kind of like looking through the front window when someone rings the doorbell and not answering. Yeah. Just like that, actually. So remember that when you get your next EVITE. This explains why you keep getting the hairy eyeball when you tell the person you never saw it.

*You're welcome*


My mom said, "Wow, you've been quite prolific on your blog lately."

And I said, "You think so?"

And she said, "Yeah, you have."

And I said, "I didn't think I was particularly 'prolific.'"

And she said, "You've put out three posts in three days."

And I said, "But they weren't prolific, Mom."

And she said, "Do you even know what prolific means?"

And that was when I learned that "prolific" means "productive and fruitful." Oh, and that it isn't a synonym for "prophetic" or deep.

My bad.

Confession:  I also get confused about the word "aloof." I have to look it up any time I see it.

Oh. And although I listen to NPR every single day, I ain't too proud to admit that I am still very, very unsure of what an "insurgent" is or if it's what I think it is, why we can't just say enemy instead.

Which reminds me. One of my colleagues kept saying "pedagogy" the other day which (thanks to Wikipedia) I learned means "the process of teaching." I think if I talk about pedagogy I'm just going to say "process of teaching" instead.


Is pastrami made out of pork or beef?  This is something I don't know.  Because I want a pastrami sandwich but pork makes my stomach hurt.  Please advise.


I looked in the mirror the other day and thought my stomach looked pretty good to have had two babies. Then Zachary said  yesterday that he "likes laying on my tummy because it's like a pillow."

Uh, yeah.


I read somewhere that dragonflies only live for twenty-four hours.  Is that true?  I didn't know that. That explains why they fly everywhere so fast and furious. They're on the clock.


Did you know that when you change words in one language to another it's not always called translation? So yeah, if you're talking, it's interpreting. If you're writing it's translation. I learned this after getting an extremely hairy eyeball from our Grady Spanish Interpreter for referring to her repeatedly as a "translator."

My bad.


Here's a question. So whenever I make a blog post, I get extra ideas and notice typos within the first half hour after posting. So I go back and modify. And then sometimes modify again. Just a word here and there, you know? But anyways. I am wondering what people see on their Google readers and Blogger Dashboards/Reading Lists when folks do that.  Like, do you see like twelve versions of the same post in a row?

The reason I ask is because I saw someone make a post and then decide to take it down. But it stayed on my queue as a post and when I clicked it it wasn't there. Then once I saw like three versions in my bloglist of someone's post on a blog I follow. Which made me wonder if I seem like a crazy lady to people. Hmm. Just wondering.


Damn. Did you know how expensive a pack of cigarettes is? Like dang near five dollars. I didn't know that.


Did you know that Ralph Lauren's daughter is marrying one of George W. Bush's nieces?  Big Bush and Barbara Bush have another son named Neil Bush that no one really talks much about. Anyways. Neil has a daughter and she's marrying Ralph Lauren's son.  They have some family beef going on and I think all the Bushes won't be there. But that's not the best part of the story. This is:

Guess what her name is? Lauren Bush.

"Hi, I'm Lauren Lauren."

"I heard you the first time."


That reminds me. I know this really cool woman named Stacy who married a dude named Chad Stacy and took his name. So now she is Dr. Stacy Stacy.  Fun, huh?

Oh yeah. My friend and fellow Grady doctor Yolanda W. married a guy with the last name "Wimberly." It's a good thing I didn't marry his brother. Dr. Kimberly Wimberly? Not so fun.


Are Harry and I the only ones who finds this side-splittingly hilarious?

Okay seriously? Am I the only one who thought "In Living Color" was hee-hee-hoo-hoo-hah-hah-hilarious? Anyways, Harry and I talked to each other like Calhoun Tubbs for twenty four straight hours after laughing our heads off at this earlier this week.

"I'm 'bout to go to GRAY-DAAAAAAAY, hope all my patients get bet-taaaaaah! Aaaaaa-haaaaaaaaa! Thank you very much!!"

"My wife cooked some fish for din-nnnnneeeeeer, always puttin' me on a diet without tellin' meeeee. Aaaaaaaa-haaaaaaaa! Thank you very much!"

See? Can't y'all tell I'm off today?

I didn't write a song about that--but I think I could now! Like to hear it? Here it go!

"Still in my pajamas 'cause I'm off work from GRAY-DAAAAAAY, even though I got a whole buncha work still piled on my de-heeesk! Aaaaaaaa-haaaaaaaa. Thank you very much!"

*patting tears*

Happy Friday.


  1. #10- thanks for the info
    #6- made me laugh
    #4 - it just shows up once for me
    #2- :o)
    you are a hoot! enjoy your day off!

  2. You and Harry crack me up. In Living Color, rocked.

    I have a tummy pillow too. The cats dig it. The boyfriend is alright with it, too, luckily. I have had no children (that I know of). I am just a fat ass. I likes my wine and food. What can I say?

    I must be damn unpopular. I have never received a single EVITE.

    I love you, and I hope you get some time off over the holiday weekend.


  3. Pastrami is most commonly made from beef. (This is the consensus from a cursory Google search.) No, we don't see multiple versions of a post in the RSS feed (that's how I read you most of the time). But yes, a deleted post will still live on in folks' RSS feeds. Re: #2 (funny names) -- My husband's last name is Dixon; his mother wanted to name him Mason. Thank goodness my f-i-l dissuaded her! Also, I once saw the hyphenated name Lipp-Rash. Somebody, somewhere decided to link those two names together. Yikes.

  4. Can't wait to hear what the answer to #4 is, because I've been wondering this, myself.

    Oh, and #3? Here in the great state of New York, cigs are now more than ten bucks a pack. I'm SO GLAD I quit smoking.

    p.s. Love your blog. I found you via Ms. Moon.

  5. Well, hell. The only answer I have is the pastrami one and Laura already answered it.
    I did not like In Living Color. Because of Jim Carrey. He is my least favorite actor of all times. I have a real and unpleasant physical reaction to him. Go ahead. Hate me.

  6. sarahd-- the day off was awesome!

    sb -- you are my favorite kind of sweet--salty sweet. which is perfect. and no, you are quite popular in my opinion! now let's hear it for tummy pillows!

    laura -- yay! i'm totally having a pastrami sammich this weekend! lipp-rash? oy!

    rockyg-- ten dollars!? oh HELLS no. that's a lot of dough to pay for some health problems. dang.

    (glad you quit, too!)

    sister moon-- i can see the jim carrey thing. he's kinda like black licorice. . .either you love him or you hate him. but wasn't calhoun tubbs funny? oh come on, sis!

  7. Yep, Google Reader does keep all versions. Weird, huh. Seems like a lot of wasted space!

    I have a friend who is name "Becky" Badger. She married Scott Weasel. She is a social worker at our local hospital. Every time she is called over the PA system...there are snickers heard all through out the building!
    "paging Becky Badger Weasel"
    I know...

    Have an awesome weekend!

  8. I use Google Reader, and I only get one copy. And I enjoy every one!

  9. I only know pastrami is beef because it's what Jewish people eat (think all the pastrami sandwiches on rye at Canter's Deli or that famous deli in NYC).

    I don't know the answer to the blogging question because I do it, too.

    I hate Jim Carey also but I do like black licorice. One of my best buds from college was a writer on In Living Color so I'm going to tell him that you loved the show.

    And, finally, my son asked me once why my stomach was so "crumpled."

  10. The crazy thing is that right before you posted this post, at the dinner table, at which we were eating chicken breast, my husband brought up In Living Color. He just cannot get over chuckling over how David Alan Grier said "breastessesses" in skits on the show. Of course that made my three sons hysterical and off they went to You Tube to check it out. And then later you mention In Living Color. of course I pointed out to them that JLo was a dancer on the show.
    I remember thinking that Jim Carey was an incredible talent on the show. And omg Jamie Foxx as Wanda who wanted to rock their world. I loved it all.
    Pastrami=major sodium. The Jewsih people in NY started out selling it from their pushcarts--it used to be able to be preserved for a while without refrigeration.
    My youngest son, aged 10 openly refers to my middle as muffin top and asks when I am going to do the Shred again.

  11. LOL about the difference between interpreters and translators. I used to work with court interpreters, and they are SERIOUS about that.
    Michele R - now you have me and my husband cracking up over David Alan Grier--hilarious.

  12. I'm sending you name in as a replacement for Andy Rooney, but you can't do the eyebrows.
    Wrote a LIL song bout it.. Wanna hear it here it goes. "Sent your name to CBS to replace Andy Rooney on 60 minutes... But you can't do the eyebrows.. Aaaaaaaaaa..Haaaaaaaaaa Thank you very muuccch!

    I loved Jim Carey as the fire captain.. I loved Calhoun Tubbs

  13. Love your Blog!

    #2 made me stop and take pause. you said Ralph Lauren's daughter marrying Dubya's niece. threw me off for a sec, but you corrected in the next sentence. Whew! I wasnt sure if there were other motives for not talkin about Neil Bush ;)

    My Great aunt once had a youngish (read over 40 under 60) Podiatrist who was named Lovelady. and in her big noreastern accent it came out "Dawkta Luvv-laydee" still makes me chuckle to think of her, at age 90 hitting on the good Dawkta.

  14. Grady RN here, yes I have been schooled on the interpreter/translator thing! Now I do my part to correct the PGY1's. Do you ever get to 11A?

  15. misha--badger-weasel. Lawd, lawd, lawd!

    Kimberly--thanks for letting me know and reading, too!

    OMG, I'm with Stace Senior and laughing so hard at Michelle R and breastess-sess. Hilarious!

    Elizabeth and the crumpled tummy! LOL!

    Dad-- You are insane!

    Love the way you wrote "Dubya" chateaux pepp! So funny--am I the only one who doesn't know that folks spell our W's name this way? LOL!

    Anon--totally get to 11A. Was on service there a few months ago. Thanks for reading!


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