Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rounds with Roy A.

One of my favorite ward months ever was with Roy A. (who later became one of our chief residents.) He was (and still is) what I like to call "scary-smart." Kind of like my friend Lorenzo D. (the one who inspired the term.) Anyways. Today I thought of scary-smart Roy A. and all that he taught me that month. I amused myself thinking of the look on my face every day on rounds with Roy. Lawd. The things he came up with! I'm talking the most obscure of the obscure to the most relevant of the relevant. No matter what it was, Roy knew at least a little something about it. And. . .dare I say it? A whooooole lot of times he knew more about it than his attending.  Sure did.  

That Roy. He was so bright and fun to work with. Man, I learned a ton from him. Yeah, I said it. I learned a TON from him, my resident. Sure did.

You got a problem with that?

Here's a re-creation of me on wards with Roy A. . . . .

At the end of the month, Roy said, "Oh, Dr. Manning! I learned so much working with you! Thank you so much!"

And I was thinking, "You learned so much? Uhhhh, okay."

Happy Thursday. Oh--where is Roy now? Somewhere scaring the stethoscopes off of the Cardiology attendings in his Cardiology fellowship as we speak.


  1. I love these pictures. You know I do.
    And I swear to you-know-what- my verification word is "bionuts."

  2. priceless. its the wise ones who never stop learning.

  3. The photos made me giggle.

    You're funny.

  4. I love you for having so little ego that you admit that you learned something from Roy. I also really love the photos of you and the looks of consternation. You should be in pictures, babe. There could be an Oscar in your future.

    I hope that one day, you and me and Ms. Moon can all get together and have a few drinks. We'd have the best damn time.

    Have a great weekend, Doc. I loves ya.


  5. I have a feeling you are what I would describe as "scary smart" AND "scary beautiful"

  6. LOVE the pics - haha! And if I haven't already said it a dozen times, LOVE your hair! I'm absolutely envious. (Wait - was that not the point of this post?)


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