Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Top Ten #1.

I've decided to be like the "real" bloggers and start some kind of recurring post. After a bit of thought, I proudly bring you the "Thursday Top Ten." Every Thursday, I'll bring you an awesome list of ten things. . . . . . .

I decided to kick things off with ten random facts about yours truly......

I heart flowers!

Random fact #1:

I don't like cheese. The only exception is on pizza, and occasional shredded parmesan types over Italian food. I've never eaten a cheeseburger, a grilled cheese sandwich, or macaroni and cheese. Why do I not eat it, you ask? Ummm, because it smells. . . . .like feet.

Random fact #2:

Flat shoes hurt my feet. I always think ballet shoes look adorable, but you'll never see me in a pair. Whoops--the only exception to the flat shoe rule is Ugg boots, which I could live in if my husband didn't hate them so much.

Random fact #3:

I cry nearly every day. Mostly because I am happy or just feeling blessed. Watching my children sleep can bring tears to my eyes in ten seconds flat.

Random fact #4

I have over twenty five FIRST cousins.

Random fact #5

I get my hair cut every two weeks.

Random fact #6

My younger sister and I are only ten months apart, and for two months every year we are the same age.

Random fact #7

Although I don't like or eat cheese, my specialty dish that I am always asked to prepare is my "Who's the mac? Ultimate mac 'n' cheese." (The only reason I know that it tastes good is because everyone tells me so.  I'd gag if I tasted it!)

Random fact #8

I am not on Facebook, but my parents are.

Random fact #9

I think spitting is disgusting. Really disgusting.

Random fact #10

Wearing red or orange makes me happy. So does getting a hair cut. :)


  1. How fun to read these facts. I hate to get my hair cut so I put it off as long as possible. But...I cry a lot too and I don't wear flats very often and I think spitting is disgusting.

    Could we be sisters separated at birth?

  2. Well I looooooove cheese, especially blue cheese, I can't wear high heels, and I only get my hair cut a few times a year. But... I'm probably the only teen on the planet that doesn't have Facebook (even my mum has Facebook), I cry a lot too, wearing red makes me happy (but orange doesn't look so good on my super pale skin). Like you I also wear glasses, and listen to nerdy talkback radio stations, where the average listener is well over 50, and they have ads for retirement villages...and funeral plans. (I'm not exactly the target audience!)

    You should do more of these, it's cool to feel like I 'know' you that little bit better. :)

  3. Love this.
    (And I have 28 first cousins - all on one side. The Mexican side. Go figure.)


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