Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cherish the day.

Hug o'war, Shel Silverstein style

Hug o'war, Pre-K style

Yesterday I:
  • Kissed my husband and smelled like his cologne all morning long.
  • Smiled at the sight of Zachary playing "hug o'war" with his friends.
  • Heard the Dean of the medical school call me by my first name, which I wasn't sure he knew.
  • Met with a medical student who was feeling nervous about starting the clinical rotations.
  • Talked to a resident who was feeling nervous about ending clinical training.
  • Told them both that I'm still nervous sometimes.
  • Smiled when I heard Zachary's dinner prayer: "Hey God. Thank you for food. But really I think I will thank you for family and friends. A-MEN."
  • Got caught by Isaiah dancing in the mirror like I was Rihanna.
  • Decided to use it as a chance to tell him that it was good to dance like no one's watching.
  • Turned a cartwheel in my driveway, just to see if I still could.
  • Hugged my older sister, Deanna, when she came by to visit.
  • Got turned down by Isaiah when I asked if I could be his valentine.
  • Held my best friend's new baby, and immediately fell in love.
  • Felt my heart swell at the thought of welcoming her into the mommy-army.
  • Thought about the wonder of babies and how easy they are to fall in love with.
  • Thought about how mommies fall in love with their children the minute the line appears on the pregnancy test.
  • Thanked God for letting me know the mommy experience, because it isn't promised.
  • Kissed Zachary on the eyelids three times in a row (his favorite.)
  • Read the same book to Zachary three times in a row.
  • Carried Isaiah to his bed even though I knew he was faking sleep by his fluttering eyelids and smirk.
  • Told him I loved him three times in a row.
  • Kissed my husband again and hugged him as tight as I could.
  • Realize that Shel Silverstein was right: everyone wins at hug o'war.
  • Fell asleep smelling my wrist. . . .because it smelled like Harry.
  • Decide to cherish my day whenever I can. . . .
  • Turned cartwheels in my dreams all night long.
  • Welcome, baby Jackson. We've been waiting for you.


    1. great post. new babies are delicious. i too am in awe of the absolute miracle. welcome to the planet little one.

    2. Dr. Manning - It reads like poetry and serves as a wonderful reminder to CHECK IN TO LIFE - to be aware of each moment. Love u, miss u!

      Your OTHER Cleveland friend,
      (Hey, Harry!)

    3. that is one gorgeous baby!!!

      you're a lucky lady, Doc, made even that much luckier by knowing it. Thanks for sharing :)

    4. What a perfect day, I would feel so blessed - baby Jackson is just perfect. And yes, it is most definitely good to dance like Rihanna in the mirror like no one's watching! (I do it ALL the time.) :P


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