Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Puppy Mafia strikes again.

Okay. So I'm pulling out of my garage this morning . . . . late for clinic and in a sho' nuff hurry. I look at my windshield and see something black stuck near the wipers.

"What the. . . .?"

I get out for a better look. Car is running, so is the clock. . . .

"Awww damn! Not again!"


You guessed it. The Puppy Mafia had struck again.

It was almost curtains for this one. . . .

So what was it that I saw? I'll tell you what it was. It was freakin' "Baby Chancey" of the Manning Boys Puppy Mafia. . . . thrown on my windshield wipers before work! A-freakin'-gain!


You got a problem wit' me?


Okay. This puppy throwing thing is totally out of hand. Totally.

Which reminds me:

In my last Puppy Mafia report, I need to clarify that I REALLY did find Pup Pup posted up with his legs crossed next to a stop sign on Lullwater, for real. Some obviously nice-slash-retired neighborhood good Samaritan saw the poor thing laying face down in the street and took it upon him or herself to prop the little fella up next to a pole.

Ain't that sweet?

Not only is it sweet--it's true. My mom accused me of using "poetic license" in that story which, although I have been known to slightly embellish a good story, was not the case in that particular one. The evidence above now lets you all know that I was preaching the truth, the whole truth and nothing else but the truth.

Take that, Mom.

But real talk?

The Puppy Mafia must be stopped. I'm just saying. This situation is completely out of hand.

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  1. And the question remains, how did Baby Chancey get on to your windshield? Hmm, somehow I don't think you or Harry did it.....


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