Sunday, February 27, 2011


Introducing the newest members of the ever-expanding Puppy Mafia. . . .

Name: "Sing-a-lot"

Status: "baby brother puppy, not brave yet."

Origin: I have no idea since I didn't buy him.

Destiny: Likely the roof or hood of Mommy's car by next week.

Name: "Big Mack"

Status: "brave, big brother puppy and father of Teddo."

Disclaimer: "Big Mack bites."

Origin: Santa Claus, but got lost under Mommy's bed until this morning.

Destiny: To get lost under guest room bed by this time next week.

"Brothers always stick together."

Call me crazy but. . . .do ya think that just maybe my kids real dog? Ummm....ya think?


Happy Sunday!


  1. 'Call me crazy but. . . .do ya think that just maybe my kids real dog? Ummm....ya think?'

    Oh dear! I'm worried, girl. Are you sure you know what you'd be getting yourself in for? Reminds me of a story my English teacher told me last year. She said that over the previous weekend she went to a pet shop with her husband and kids, just to look around and look at the animals, with absolutely no plans to purchase any.....

    They left two hours later with a miniature schnauzer, after much begging and pleading from her doting six year-old. She wanted us to come up with German sounding names for it, and they settled on Tobi, but the Star Wars mad six year-old calls him 'Tobi-Wan Kenobi'. Haha. :)

  2. Lucy--not gonna happen anytime soon. . . . . .

  3. Yeah, I got that you were being sarcastic - sorry if that was confusing...

  4. If you can't beat them... ummm... use them? Maybe you can convince the boys to station the puppy mafia all around the windows and doors of the house (instead of throwing them onto your car)... The mafia will guard the house and you will have puppy free driving! ;)


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