Monday, February 14, 2011

Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Me.

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Overheard at Grady, true story verbatim. . . .


Lady: "You got a little something in there, doc?"

Grady doctor: "Pardon me?"

Lady: "A little bun cooking in that oven?" Points at torso. Ginormous smile. Exaggerated wink.

Grady doctor: Looks down. "Wait. . .uhhh. . .you mean. . .am I. . .?"

Lady: (without even flinching) "You 'spectin, ain't you?"

Grady doctor: (Looking mortified) "Uuuuhhhh, no, ma'am. I'm not."

Lady: "Oh. . . .okay, then. . . . . you just need to make sure you hold yo' stomach in a little more." (Demonstrates belly suck in case she didn't know how.)

Grady doctor: (Blank stare)

Lady: "Yeah, girl. . . .Don't worry. That be happening to me sometimes, too."



  1. Oh dear! Wow, that must've been awkward, thankfully I've never made that mistake before!!

  2. I've had that happen to me too. I was checking out at Target with my mother when the cashier asked when I was due. My mother replied, "I know, she's skinny everywhere else and then she has this gut." I think we were all mortified.

  3. I am fairly fat in the gut and many times African American women will come rub my belly and ask me when I'm due (I'm white) and I always say, "Well, considering I'm not pregnant, it's going to be awhile!" with a smile. They are usually mortified, but I just tell them not to worry about it because I'm fat.

  4. Here's a twist... I was pregnant with my second baby and definitely wasn't nearly as cute a pregnant woman as with my first (when I used to dress better, was skinny with just a basketball that popped out under my shirt at around 6.5 months), but I was still not obese or anything (although I felt like a walking house... haha) considering that I am 5'4" and weighed 172 lbs at 41 weeks when I delivered. On this particular cold day I was about 5 months along and bundled up and going to the grocery store when some very bitter woman (driving a Lexus SUV the size of an average tank) stopped me in the parking lot to tell me that if I walked more I wouldn't be so fat! I practically ran back to my car called my husband and proceeded to cry my eyes out for 20 minutes (I don't miss those pregnancy hormones!). She ruined the Lexus for me forever... now all Lexus drivers have to go through a thorough vetting process before I can trust them! ;)

  5. Honey, that be happenin' to all of us! Damn

  6. Grady Doc,

    I can sooo relate to your experience, I myself also had a patient ask me if I was expecting and it was not the case at all. What is your opinion of the HCG Diet?


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