Friday, February 4, 2011

Award Nominated.

So here's something kind of rad:  My blog was nominated for "Best Literary Medical Blog" for the annual Medgadget Medical Blog Awards, which I have learned recently is kind of a big deal. 

Who knew?

The winner in my category essentially wins no moolah, but does get sho' nuff bragging rights, which I'm always down for. (Insert slow head nod while pointing to self here.)

Okay, so the process involves voting.  It's simple: If you dig my crazy musings and the spirit moves you, you can vote here. Or by clicking the picture above (that is, if I did it right!) If you dig my crazy musings and the spirit does not move you, that's cool, too. (I'll just brag anyway.)

I've decided that even if I'm not the winner, I can start attaching an "award-nominated" prefix onto all references to the little-blog-that-could (aka the one you're reading.)  I find the whole idea of first, being nominated, and second being narrowed down to a finalist rather affirming. Blogging is a little bit crazy like that. Despite how much you convince yourself that it's no big deal, it's fun to know that folks are reading and that they're feeling you. A random nomination + finalist designation is like seeing five comments waiting for you all at once. Kind of like being an artist and somebody buying your work, you know?

Crazy? Maybe. But hey--don't hate the blogger. Hate the game.

Oh, before I forget: 

Another one of my favorite medical blogs, EverythingHealth was also nominated for "Best Health Policies/Ethics" Blog.  It's not really a health policy and ethics slant, so much. . .I would say it's more commensurate with its title--everything health-related. Dr. Brayer does an awesome job at breaking down salient topics in mind-bogglingly few words. (Is "mind-bogglingly" even a word? Best Literary Blog, you say? Hmmm.) Anyways. It's a great blog that I recommend you check out. Oh yeah, and vote for, too. (That is, if the spirit moves you.)


The Brillll-lllliant Award Nominated Author of Reflections of a Grady Doctor
(please pronounce this with your snootiest British accent from now on. . . .)


  1. Congratulations!! How exciting! And well-deserved. Now I'm off to go vote :)

  2. Vote away,Readers. You wont find a better literary blog than Grady Doctor. Let's put her over the top.

  3. That's awesome!! Congratulations!!

  4. Hooray! I never vote in those things....but for you, I will. Because I really, really love your blog. (Have I ever mentioned that before?) :)

  5. I just wanted to say that I am sooooo glad for this award nomination - it helped me find your blog! I just spent 4 hours reading it, and I laughed and cried, sometimes both at the same time. You have a wonderful gift for writing, and I hope you never stop. I guess I really need to sign up for Google connect so I can become a follower, stalker, or whatever!

  6. Voted and asked friends, whom I have previously sent to your blog, to do so! Your bragging rights are more than well deserved.


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