Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What does the kid say?

Riding in the car on the way to school yesterday. . . .

Isaiah:  Mom?

Me:  Yup.

Isaiah: What's a ho?

Me: (almost choking on coffee) A what?

Isaiah:  A ho. Like, what does it mean when somebody says that?

Me: Wait, huh?

Isaiah:  Somebody at school was talking about hoes. And I didn't know what they meant. Mom, what is that? What is a ho?

Me: Who said that word to you?

Isaiah: What--ho?

Me:  Yes, that word.

Isaiah:  Uhhhh, somebody said it at aftercare and then everybody else started saying it.

Me: And what were you doing when they kept saying it?

Isaiah:  Just staying quiet because I don't know what a ho is. What is a ho, anyway? Is it bad or something?

Me:  Okay, but like I want to know who said it first, Isaiah. Who said that first?

Isaiah:  What--ho?

Me:  Isaiah! Yes! That!

Isaiah:  Is ho a bad word?

Me:  So let me get this straight. You were in aftercare and you heard somebody using the word 'ho' and then everybody else did, too?

Isaiah:  Yes. But it was a grown up first.

Me:  What?!

Isaiah:  Like one of the younger ones in after care.

Me: (muttering) Lawd Jesus.

Isaiah:  Yeah, like she said, 'Where is that ho?'

Me:  Somebody said that? Like . . .said that with you guys just standing there?

Isaiah:  Yeah. And then she was all frustrated and kept saying 'that ho, this' and 'that ho, that.' But I don't even know what a ho is so I was just confused.


Isaiah:  Uhhhh, Mom? Why are you mad?

Me:  I'm not mad. I just need to know exactly who thought it was a good idea to be talking like that in front of you guys or even at all.

Isaiah:  Hmmm. . .uhhh. . .okay. It was my Garden Club teacher.

Me:  *silence*

Isaiah:  Mom?

Me:  Ummmm. . . .

Isaiah:  Is she going to get in trouble?

Me:  No. . .ohh. . .ha haha. . .oh wow. So this was all in . . . Garden Club?

Isaiah:  Yeah.

Me:  Yes.

Isaiah: I mean, yes, ma'am. The ground was too hard and she said we need a good ho.

Me:  Ooooooooh, right.

Isaiah:  What did you think I said?

Me:  Oh, nothing. . . .I was just confused.

Isaiah:  Oh, kind of like you were when I first started singing 'What does the fox say?' and thought I was saying a bad word?

Me:  Uuhhhhhh. . . .

Isaiah:  Mom. . .wait. . . is there another kind of ho?

Me:  Hey, you want to listen to 'What does the fox say?' on my iPhone?

Isaiah:  Yes! Can I? Even on a school day? Can I, Mom? Really? Yay!!!!

Me:  (hands phone to back seat)

Isaiah:  Wow! Don't tell Zachary, okay? I mean, I won't tell him I got to look at youTube. This is awesome. . . . .Cow goes moooooooo. . . .

*Note to self:  Get all the contextual facts before jumping to conclusions. 

Happy Tuesday.

Now playing. . .over and over and over again. . . .


  1. LOL!

    I have a similar story. LG and I were on our way home - she must've been about three - when all of a sudden she says "Mama, what are d i c k s?" After almost hitting the car in front of me and talking myself through the proper steps of breathing (!!!) it turns out we were passing the unfortunately named sporting goods store. I refuse - to this day - to step foot inside their doors!

    OAN: I've been throwing Deeee on honeycrisp apples in your sister's honor! They've been especially delicious this season and I like to think she has something to do with that.

  2. OMG! I'm so tickled Kimberly! This story is hilarious!

  3. Loved this!
    Just curious, is the mobile version of your blog no longer available? Thanks!

    1. I changed the settings to web version. Did you prefer the mobile version? It sort of annoys me that I can't enlarge pictures or see the side columns that's why I changed it.

    2. I see. Yes, I am a super-faithful reader and it's so much easier to read and comment with the mobile version on smartphones. The mobile version also loads quicker which really helps when you want to "check-in" throughout the day. For some reason I thought there was an option to select the mobile version through the web version. Will the blog remain in web version only? Your blog is my fave by far so I'm a little disappointed :(...
      but I totally understand and respect your decision. You couldn't pay me to stop reading, I'll just have to visit significantly less often. You rock Gradydoctor and thanks for all these awesome stories!!

    3. Your wish is my command. Done and done. ;)

    4. You have NO IDEA how much you just made my day!! I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw the mobile version! I can not thank you enough!!!!

    5. I appreciate you asking and reading. I really, really do. :)

  4. OMG! This made me laugh so hard! I am in tears!


  5. And now you know what questions are ahead. Laughing so hard I peed my pants.

  6. All I could think was one of my favorite Deanna phrases..."oh you need to go hoo-ride on dat a$$"!!!!...up until he said the garden club. Haaaaaaa this made my day, kiss Isaiah for me!

    -Renee :-)

  7. BWAHAHAHAHA! Fun-Ny! Oh, and my 12 year old loves that irritating Fox song. Drives me BS crazy with it.

  8. The same thing happened to me when my son told me about the song what does the fox say?.....

  9. From the verge of tears (from the previous posts) to the edge of seat with laughter. All in a days work from the Grady Doctor. SJGR for me 11-13-13. My mom passed away from a year longs battle with cancer. And she lived life just like Deanna. I told Jolai that they were having fun in heaven claiming who loved their family more.


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