Friday, November 15, 2013

One Year, Part 2: Throw some DEEEEE on it!

I'm baaaaaaack. . . . .

Who's up for some fun? Okay. So here's the challenge for the weekend. Your challenge is to THROW SOME DEEEEE ON whatever you do for the next few days. What does that mean? It means that, at some point, this weekend you have to do something that Deanna would do that you typically wouldn't do. Oh man. JoLai and Will and I have been cracking up over text messages this week as we think of ways to "throw some DEEE on it." Ha ha ha ha. . . whew!

Okay. So the rules? There ain't no rules! Do you have to have known Deanna personally to participate?

NO, MA'AM and NO, SIR.

Wait. I take that back. Everybody who has been reading this blog sort of knows Deanna, don't they? As a matter of fact, a friend wrote me the kindest words today. She never met Deanna in person but said that, in her own way, she was feeling the loss and missing her, too. And then she thanked me for sharing Deanna and introducing her to Deanna over this past year.


And so. Here is an extraordinarily random list of ways that you--YES, YOU--can THROW SOME DEEEEE ON IT this weekend.

I bring you:


Like to hear it? Here it go.

You can. . . .

  1. Drink an iced coffee from McDonald's.
  2. Drink a hot coffee from McDonald's but nurse it all day and then put ice into it to make it an iced coffee from McDonald's.
  3. Flat iron, roller set, or cornrow somebody's hair.
  4. Make some homemade salsa.
  5. Get a massage. Preferably at a massage school.
  6. Get your hair done at a beauty school.
  7. Eat a honey crisp apple.
  8. Look at pictures of Ryan Gosling and drool.
  9. Post pictures of Ryan Gosling on your Facebook page.
  10. Make some Jell-O shots. Or pudding shots.
  11. Take a shot of any of the following things whilst celebrating big moments with friends: Jack Daniels, Tequila, or whatever is there. 
  12. Be loyal to a fault.
  13. Put on lipstick and admire your pretty lips in a mirror.
  14. Make a list of men who are your "lust objects." 
  15. Go to sorority meeting.
  16. If you are a Delta, wear a Delta shirt, jacket, or something with Delta Sigma Theta on it.
  17. Learn the Delta oath by heart (if you are a Delta.)
  18. Play Bananagrams with or without a friend.
  19. Do the hardest crossword puzzle you can find in a newspaper.
  20. Do the GIANT crossword puzzle on Christmas.
  21. Read Kimberly's blog.
  22. Help somebody with some math homework.
  23. Punch somebody for sticking their bare foot on you.
  24. Call somebody you love "Pookie."
  25. Go sit with your mama.
  26. Go sit with your brother.
  27. Go sit with your sister.
  28. Go sit with your friends.
  29. Talk shit and refuse to take it back.
  30. Crochet something.
  31. Make a quilt out of t-shirts.
  32. Crochet something out of plastic bags.
  33. Be the favorite auntie and have no issue with telling everyone you are.
  34. Leave work and take a nap.
  35. Take your nieces or nephews to a movie.
  36. Go with your mom to a Denzel movie.
  37. Talk about Denzel being hot more than the movie.
  38. Cry for a random reason. 
  39. Have allergies and sniffle while doing Sudoku.
  40. Say "WWWWWWAAAAADDDDUPPP??" when somebody sees you who hasn't seen you in a few days.
  41. Be honest about shit you don't like.
  42. Not be fake.
  43. Kick somebody's butt for messing with your sister.
  44. Drive a Volkswagon that doesn't  go in reverse or that doesn't start without being rolled down a hill.
  45. Go off for being told to "shut up." 
  46. Watch Survivor with your mom.
  47. Watch The Wiz with your sisters. 
  48. Go to an Omega party.
  49. Talk some more shit.
  50. Make a Lemon Jell-O cake.
  51. Pay your sorority dues.
  52. Snore and then punch your sister when she calls you "Frosty the Snoreman." 
  53. Create some shit that nobody can believe you thought up.
  54. Call your dad Pop-O.
  55. Scream really loud at niece and nephew sports until people stare--and then not give a shit.
  56. Write someone a letter by hand -- because "it's good to get mail that isn't a bill."
  57. Do water aerobics.
  58. Write something in calligraphy with fancy calligraphy pens.
  59. Listen to a Jill Scott CD and sing at the top of your lungs.
  60. Show someone how much they mean to you through a gesture.
  61. Paint your nails so that you won't bite them.
  62. Text with emoticons.
  63. Wear a shirt from your alma mater.
  64. Make some homemade yeast rolls that take all day to make and two seconds to eat.
  65. Understand the least understood people.
  66. Not be afraid of people who have less education, opportunities, or resources than you.
  67. Serve.
  68. Give.
  69. Love.
  70. Laugh.
  71. Inspire.
  72. Create.
  73. Encourage.
  74. Include.
  75. Accept. 
What will you do? Which will you do?

Now pardon me while I take this Jell-O shot and return to this hard ass crossword puzzle. . . . ha ha ha. . . . . .and those who not some things I missed? Feel free to add to the list. . . .ha ha ha. . .

Happy Everyday. Let this day be your reminder to always measure your life in love. Which reminds me of this post about that song here. She would have liked this one. :)

Now playing on my mental iPod. A song that -- yes -- is a little edgy but that includes people that never would have bothered Deanna at all. She could roll with the "every echelon" as she once told me. Which says a lot, actually. 


  1. Cracking the hell up right now!


  2. From my fb big, laugh out loud, show up extremely late to a social event, hug the (cute) bruhs,...but whatever you do, don't pour some out for Deanna because she would never waste good liquor.

  3. And now I know and love her even so much more.
    What a fantastic list!

  4. Throwing some Deeeee on playing Apples to Apples with my nieces and nephews this weekend. And gotta be at sorority meeting tomorrow with some DEEEEE on it.

  5. Gotta add, Tell everyone about awesome your siblings are and share their accomplishments with everyone. Of the many great things about Deanna, she loved her family and she had no problems telling you why the Drapers are all fabulous. I'm making my massage appointment and planning girlfriends day to see Best Man Holiday. I so wish I could read a Deanna review of that! Maybe I'll write one of my own and put some DEEE on it.

  6. Hard to believe but just today I have done...11,12,13,21,28.33,38. For Deanna I am going to choose 10 things to do this weekend!

  7. 42 always...and 19 if online versions of newspapers count. (Our local one is cheesy and online access to nationals is easier than a physical paper these days.) And there is always some 25 when we lunch and shop or go on bus trips. 65 is hard, but I try because in some ways I'm one of those people too.

  8. I wish I knew your sister in life....but glad I found your blog and feel like i know you

  9. I think I love Dee more every time you share about her. I rocked out a weekend that would have made her proud though and none of it was anywhere close to my comfort zone. Thanks for sharing your beautiful sister w us and for your the inspiration.

  10. 21, 22, and 29 - done. And as for 37, I'll watch a move just because Denzel is in it, but I finally sat down and Netflixed "Flight." It's the only time I ever wanted to punch my baby daddy in the face. I coulda just clobbered him.

    Oh, and I'm doing #24 right now: I'm gald you were able to commemorate Deanna's first anniversary in a way that included all of us. Thanks, Pookie.


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