Thursday, November 7, 2013

Team S.J.G.R. Thursday Huddle #19: Road Dogs

What's up TEAM?

Man. Staying on the straight and narrow with exercise isn't always easy. For you super motivated team members, you have no issue with jumping up and getting after it without excuses. But if you're like the rest of us, it's not so easy.

That's where your "road dogs" come in.

Now many of you think of your "road dog" as that old friend who you hung out with during your wild and crazy younger years. Or that you paint the town with now depending upon what you like doing. But for the purposes of what I'm talking about, this kind of road dog is different. This road dog is your partner in exercise crime. And one who helps hold you accountable.

These are your FITNESS road dogs.

Since exercise for me is mostly running these days, my fitness road dogs are mostly runners. My buddy Frieda (aka Free-Free) and I meet up for early morning long runs. It's a great way to catch up, gossip and get in our miles at the same time. She's also a SUPER medicine nerd like me so we talk medicine a lot, too. Laaaaaame, I know.

But man! We have a blast together! And the time just flies by. Knowing that we've agreed to meet up keeps us both honest -- and makes sure we challenge ourselves.

Of course there's my GURU road dog, Crystal H. She motivates me to sign up for races and also sends me training programs. She texts me to see how it's going and is always willing to run with me. She has a lot of intestinal fortitude and stamina. That's a good quality in a road dog.

Here's my original "runny babbit" road dog, Lesley M. She's nursing a 'flicted knee right now so hasn't been able to run much which is KILLING me. I swear those runs were absolute therapy for both of us. She's a dear friend so it's so win-win.

You don't have to regularly join your fitness road dogs for work outs each week. Yes. Your fitness road dogs can even live in another state! Staying in touch about what you're doing is a great way to nudge one another. My linesister Glencia and I share profiles on MapMyRun. Seeing her progress makes me want to do better.

There's also the fun of planning to join your road dogs for races or classes. For example, Free-Free and I will be running the Atlanta Half Marathon together--and it's so exciting because some other road dogs will be there, too. Like Crystal and Tamika. And I'm sure some others, too. And we've been all chatting about it so we're all kind of pushing each other.

Which is what your fitness road dogs do for you.

Just this week, I and several of my fitness road dogs agreed to register for the Hot Chocolate 15K coming up in January. Glencia's coming down from Chicago, my BFF Lisa D. is doing it, along with some of my Grady doctor-sisterfriend road dogs Stacy H. and Dominique C.  So. . . yeah, we pretty much will run 9 miles and some change and then replenish our carbs with delicious hot chocolate drinks.

Woo hoo!

Plus the sweatshirt they give you is super swanky. Which is way motivating, too.

So listen. The take home message is simple:

Line up some road dogs. Text each other. Meet up. Share your bad ass accomplishments. Pick people who will be happy* when you text a sweaty pic of yourself and caption saying:

 "Girl, just got in 10 miles at Stone Mountain. WHAT? WHAT!!" 

*(And not annoyed.)

Yeah. You need some fitness road dogs to keep going. And to have fun. I have plenty and am always open to more. Always!

Oh, and before I forget. How cute is this picture of this man and his fitness road dog--his 13 year old daughter--who'd just ran the Atlanta 10 miler with him? Seriously? Is there anything cuter or more inspiring than this?

So. Freaking. Cool.

Who are some of your fitness road dogs?  Do tell. And do tell in the comments. That'd be nice since y'all been real silent on these huddles.

Ah hem.

Happy Thursday. And shout out to my ROAD DOGS.


  1. I have a couple of friends at Grady who I run with a couple of mornings each week. Unfortunately, one has been injured and I was sick for the last run on Thursday. I hope that we are all back to running together soon!

  2. My daughter-in-law and I work out at the gym together, and keep each other honest! It's fun to chat and laugh as we get all sweaty. I never had a daughter, so I'm happy my son found such a wonderful girl! I'm heading to the gym now without her because she's fighting bronchitis, and it's amazing how much I miss her!

  3. Truth is, medical issues lately have just knocked the wind out it for me lately. I just threw up my hands and screamed why!

  4. I have fallen of the exercise wagon this last month but I have climbed back on this past week. I like running by myself but I could see the advantage of having a road dog or two...

  5. My fitness road dog is definitely Claudine. It's good to have a friend whose idea of fun is more often sweating and lifting weights than lifting food & drinks to our mouths. LOL! And there's something about having an extremely fit bestie to always make me want to keep working hard! She knows that I am stronger than I think I am. And she pushes me a little more than I think I can go.


  6. Mine are the friends that introduced me to running and introduced me to my Galloway group - Blair Glass and Margaret Mason Tate McIntyre. Also, Aubrey Kinnaman who will be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon with me in February - my first half and my entire reason for running. I also love my Breast Cancer Marathon/Half Galloway training group - go 30:30's!

  7. PS I'm nursing a groin/pelvis injury and just got back after 8 weeks off per orders. So happy to be back! yay for PT!


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