Thursday, November 28, 2013

Racing Day!

Racing day, it's racing day
Racing day, it's racing day
It's not picture-tracing day
Today's the day we race!

~ The Backyardigans


Here's the song that my kids have been playing for me leading up to my first half marathon. They run in place the whole time it's on which is as hilarious as it is adorable. They made me promise to listen to it when I woke up in the morning to "get me even more excited." I kept my promise. And they were right. I am rather hyped after listening to that. (Well as hyped as one can be in the five o'clock hour.)

Come back for highlights, okay? And wish us all luck 'cause it's racing day--not to be confused with picture-tracing or doily-lacing day. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving/Atlanta Half Marathon Day


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Good luck to everyone in the race.

  2. Hope you didn't fuh-REEZE this am!

  3. How did you do? My time wasn't as fast as at Columbus but it was a great time for this course! Happy Thanksgiving!


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