Thursday, July 4, 2013

THE Team S.J.G.R. Facebook Page is UP!

JoLai came through as promised! She said for me to tell all of you Team S.J.G.R. members to search "Team S.J.G.R." and you should be good to go. Be sure to include the periods--JoLai says that  Team SJGR without periods is something. . .err. . .else.)

You can also just use this link to join (that is, if you're a Facebooker.)

There we will share progress, encourage one another and remind each other that, regardless of how much we try to ignore it, THE REALNESS ain't going anywhere. We'll hold each other accountable and will keep each other out of hypothetical la-la land FOR GOOD.

Young, old, male, female. . . join it, post on it, share it. . .you know. . .all the stuff y'all do on Facebook. Let's start a movement. . . . you in? If you scurred, say you scurred. Then shake that off and focus on your heart so that the people you love can have you HERE. That's real talk.

Go and join it and share your 4th of July action. Or just "like it" and share it with your people so that our team can grow. Whoops--JoLai just notified her Facebook-novice sister that this is a "group page" not a "like page." So. . .uhh. . .yeah. . .so much for the "like" part. Yeah, so join it.

Thanks so much, little sissy. Deanna would be so proud of us and so inspired by all of this. She'd be proud of you guys, too. :)

S.J.G.R., y'all!



  1. Hi Soror Kim -

    I tried searching and my Facebook page wouldn't pick it up. Can you please post the link to the page? Thanks so much!

  2. Here is the link to the group page:

    If you still can't find it, send me a message (JoLai Draper)


  3. Not sure why the group isn't searchable. Apparently, this is a common problem with people who start facebook groups. But here is another link:

    Kimberly, maybe you should post this link in the body of your blogpost.

  4. Just put in my request to join the group! Thanks JoLai for doing this! Awaiting you to accept it so I am part of the group! Go Team!

  5. SJGR takes a slightly different turn for me but it has been helpful. I don't have weight or eating problems generally, BUT I do need to exercise more to manage my RA. I'm the fourth person in my family line with RA and doing well according to the docs. But I know I'm losing muscle and stamina because exercise often makes everything worse.

    Texas gal


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