Saturday, July 6, 2013

Camp Papa Postcard Classics: The Creeps.

Dear Mama,

I was real, real excited yesterday 'cause Grandpa said he was taking us to see Madagascar Five! And I was real happy when he said that because I didn't even remember seeing a commercial for that movie on Cartoon Network yet. 

When we got there it was really just a whole bunch of people in costumes just pretending like they were the movie but on a stage, Mama!I was a little bit about to cry. 

And then Isaiah said, "Zachary, It's Madagascar LIVE not Madagascar FIVE." He wasn't even nice about it, either.

Isaiah said he liked Madagascar LIVE. But it a little bit gave me the creeps. Especially the big man dressed like King Julian. He was the creepiest of all.

King Julian



Zachary, Age 6 3/4

P.S. We are 'sposed to see Despicable Me 2 tomorrow. Can you please check to make sure it's the movie and not the creepy costume show? Thanks.


  1. I swear to you, I dreamed about Camp Papa last night.

  2. I soooooo lol at this blog, that poor sweet, now totally scarred child.

  3. I love the postcards from Camp Papa. My littles head to Cali on Saturday to spend 2 weeks with my parents at Camp Grandma's House. That is in huge part due to your posts. You shared that you started sending them when they were small and that gave me the push I need.

    Grandma and Papason thank you too. :)


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