Thursday, July 25, 2013

Team S.J.G.R. Thursday Huddle #4: You've got the power!

What's up, Team? Hope your week of mindfulness has been better than mine. Ha ha ha. I admit that I've had some highs and lows. But! It's all to the GOOD because I have the power to change that.

Ain't that good news?

Okay, so check it. I was taking care of this wonderful and delightful man this month on the hospital service. Even though he was wonderful and delightful, though, he came to the hospital sick. And not just sick. This dude was sick-sick. And like a lot of patients, he had enough insight to know that something was really, really wrong.

And like the old preachers say --I wish I had time to tell somebody 'bout how a lot of times the person who knows the diagnosis FIRST is the PATIENT and that if you just listen to what THE PATIENT is saying, as the doctor, you'll know what's wrong, too.

I mean, I wish I had time to talk to somebody 'bout that but I don't.

Mmm hmm.

So yeah. This man knew he was sick-sick. Like the kind of sick that can kill you if you don't get to a hospital fast. And that's exactly what he did. He called 911 and they brought him straight to Grady Hospital just in the nick of time. Sure did.

And you know what? He received some aggressive treatment for his problem and got better. He did.

Now. On the day that this wonderful and delightful gentleman was preparing to be discharged, I sat in his room and chatted with him about this, that, and also the other. And during that conversation, he was telling me about how he was sitting at home and he knew in his heart that something was wrong. Very, very wrong. And he had the good sense to call EMS since he lived alone, but he also tried calling others for support. As Murphy's law often works, everybody was either asleep or not near their phones. So he couldn't reach anyone.

While he was waiting for EMS he started feeling more afraid. Like afraid for his life and like he might die. So he tried to call more people, especially someone to come and pray over him or at least pray with him. And still. Nobody was answering when he put out those calls. Not a one.

"So what did you do then?" I asked. I was curious. Mad curious because he was a really good storyteller and all of it felt like a drum roll to a big climax. 

And so. He told me what he did next. "You know what, Miss Manning? I laid hands on myself."

"You did?"

"Yes! Baby, I laid hands on MY-OWN-SELF and prayed over my OWN body. And I realized that I got more power than I gave myself credit for!"

And you know? I could just stop there and let y'all chew on that all day and all night. Because THAT? That was a GOOD WORD.

Now. You don't have to be a follower of any kind of organized religion to get with this idea. And whether you are or aren't a lot can be said about recognizing your OWN power. Your own ability to lay metaphorical hands on YOUR-OWN-SELF.

Stop waiting for somebody to give you the green light to see about your own self. Stop calling everywhere and looking high and low. Look in the mirror. Look at your own hands. And lay some hands on your OWN-SELF.

See, this man was in a life or death situation. Guess what? We are, too! Poor food choices and lack of activity leads to heart disease and obesity. And feelings of low self worth and a whole bunch of other stuff. Which is all life threatening. All of it. Perhaps not as urgent as that man waiting for the 911 dispatcher to pick up but in many ways urgent like a MO-FO.

Do you hear me? Urgent. Like a MO-FO.

Today I looked in my mirror and told myself, "You are strong, you are smart and you are able. Your legs work and your arms do, too. You have one heart and there are too many people dear to it for you to be mean to it."

I also told myself this, "Girl, you are blessed."

Because I am. Very.

Look. Don't let anyone or anything trick you into thinking your lot in life is to be "big-boned-ed" or unhealthy. Don't let anybody brainwash you into thinking that a BMI of 30 is fine as long as you like who you are. Because liking who you are alone DOES NOT prevent heart disease. More is required. That's just how it is.

What's on your plate? What's in your pantry? What needs to get the boot from your fridge? How much are you moving? Are you keeping track? Are you keeping it 150? Meaning 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week or more?

Well? Are you?

Either way--I suggest you do what my patient did. Know your power. Lay hands on your OWN-SELF. Speak health and wellness over your OWN-LIFE. Because this is life threatening. A 911 emergency, even.

YOU have the power. YOU DO. WE DO.

S.J.G.R., people. And the realness don't stop.


Happy Thursday.

You knew this was on my mental iPod!

and this is, too. Yes, LAWD!!


  1. loving this post! People often think "I am waiting for God to tell me what to do"...I think God is waiting on us! wondering when the heck we are going to do something for ourselves! Team SJGR has started helping ourselves and I thank you for that.

    1. You remind me of the joke, where the man who dies on a deserted island gets to the Pearly Gates and says "Why didn't you come rescue me?" God said, "I did, I sent you a raft and you said, 'I'm waiting on God to save me', so I sent you a boat and you said the same thing. Finally, I sent you a helicopter and you told the pilot that you were waiting on me to save you.'" God can work miracles, but we got to work along-side God, pulling our own damn weight.

  2. How's my week been? I usually playfully scold my friends for asking that question. Shit got real today. Another of my favorite doctors told me that he's retiring. And this is just three weeks after he gave me another OH SHIT diagnosis. So I get to deal with that and a new doctor to boot. But on the Team S.J.G.R. side of the coin things are doing okay. I only had one drink at the office celebration, and only a tablespoon full of the spinich dip with a celery stick. I patted myself on the back for that one. My favorite doctor told me that I was down another 3 pounds since he saw me three weeks ago, so that's going well too. Especially because one of the symptoms of the OH SHIT diagnosis is weight gain. So I'll take a loss of a pound a week and be glad for it. But for me it isn't the numbers on the scale, it's the numbers on the blood work report and retiring doctor told me that I'm a rock star there. So that's how the week has been going. At least I get to cook dinner for Mollie and Morgan tonight.

  3. My sister shared Team S.J.G.R when you first posted the Thursday Huddle, every encouraging. Thanks for this weekly boost of encouragement.

  4. Yes!!! A lot of times we say 'pray for me', but who can better go to the cross for yor needs than you?



  5. I needed this so I shall read and repeat for however long it is necessary. I came across this blog on Sunday after the link was posted in a DST group on Facebook. I have spent the last four days reading as much as I can from this wonderful blog. I have laughed. I have cried and cried and cried so more. I have been encouraged and challenged. Lastly, I have been reminded of how awesome God is when I don't feel like I have enough or when the voices of self-doubt seem to be much louder than anything else. Please know that I have been blessed by your transparency, realness, compassion and your writings. Thank you so much Soror Grady Doc!

    Jana M.
    Indianapolis, IN

  6. Thank you for this inspirational post! I am having a tougher week (doing good with my exercise, but not so good in the kitchen). I know that tomorrow will be better! I've got the power to do this for my heart!
    Love to all!


  7. From the deck of the Poop,
    Love the post and the encouragement. You, of course, know my story. My beloved grandsons provided me with what I made, a good excuse to pig out. Well, my S.W.A.R, so I have gotten re-focused with passion. Keep pushing us Grady Doc.



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