Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The running joke in our family has always been that my nephew David looks more like he came from me than my brother and sister-in-law. Looking at this snapshot of us from yesterday, I'm kind of thinking that might be true.


And just last week I was wondering how I'd look with a fuller eyebrow. Now I know.

Happy day-before-firecracker-day.


  1. Handsome young man, beautiful lady.

  2. Don't you just love looking at the different generations and seeing who got what from the family tree?

  3. I promise....I read your daily post for the literal laugh out loud you make me have. Still LOL at the eyebrow comment. Handsome young man and yes....he is your TWIN

  4. DNA is crazy. My mom has a great niece who looks more like her than any of her children or grandchildren. Sweet photo of both of you. I wonder if he is thinking "this is what I would look like if I waxed my lip and brow".

  5. You are so pretty!! Do I see freckles? If so, I think black people with freckles are so beautiful!!

  6. My hubby and I were just talking about genes and our son, who is mostly a carbon copy of his daddy, but has my brother's dimpled chin and my crooked pinky toe. So fun to pick out the different traits and match them to family!

    By the way, your SJGR post inspired me to start couch-to-5k yesterday. I want to be around for my crooked-toed babe for a long long while!

  7. Sheesh! Twins indeed! And you look HIS age!



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