Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I wonder.

"Makes me wanna holler
the way they do my life."

~ Marvin Gaye


I wonder what he would have said
I wonder what he would have thought
Of all the chaos happening
despite the struggle so hard fought?

A stranger trailing in the dark
behind a kid just on a walk
A hoodie o'er his head became
A deadly, chilling bullseye mark

A voice cried out though some may doubt
just who was shrieking for his life
But any hunter knows that prey
Will fight and struggle 'gainst the knife

Venom flying everywhere
across the screen and on the page
Some rejoicing in it all
and others paralyzed by rage

I wonder what he would have done
What arms would he have called for us?
What words to lift our hanging heads?
What peace to counter all the fuss?

Of that I cannot say I'm sure
Just what his charge to us would be
But something tells me deep inside
he wouldn't say "Just let this be."

Injustice in one neighborhood
makes justice shaky everywhere
Your son could be the next to fall
beneath the tangle of the snare

I wonder what he would have preached
to all of us so anger bound
I think he would have told us all
to not forget to stand our ground

~ K.M. 7/16/2013

Pictures from yesterday at the MLK monument, Washington D.C.

Dear Ms. Sybrina,

I'm so, so sorry for your pain. We promise to hold your hand and stand with you. And for all of the little boys in hoodies who have just been reminded that sometimes running for your life just isn't enough? I'm so, so sorry about that, too.


Another mother of beautiful brown boys

Now playing on my mental iPod. . . . . 

Because this makes me want to do this, too.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

For Trayvon and all the boys in their hoodies.


  1. As a mother of 3 beautiful brown boys, my heart goes out to Ms. Fulton. We suffer with you. -Renee

  2. God bless EVERY mother raising brown boys.

  3. What a tragedy...my heart breaks for Ms. Fulton, Mr. Martin, their loved ones, and all the other Trayvons this murder and verdict will affect. We have such a responsibility to the brown young men in this country. God help me to do my part.

  4. From the deck of the Poop,
    Another masterful piece if writing and artistry. This should be shared with the world.
    Starting to miss my little brown guys already.


  5. This is beautiful. These words gave me chills. It is horrible that even today, in 2013, we are still having this conversation. I pray for change. I pray for strength to facilitate change.


    January S.

  6. Loved this one, Miz. I tweeted it to Trayvon's mom and dad. Maybe they'll see it.

    I love you & I see you tomorrow when I deliver your beautiful brown boys to you. I know you can't wait to hug them tight.


  7. Well done my friend.....well done.


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